;i dont smoke/drink/club, thanks for passing by my blog (:

Being in a relationship now is just a temporary thing in life.

"You can forgive someone almost anything but you cannot tolerate everything.
We don't have to tolerate what people do just because we forgive them for doing it.
Forgiving heals us personally. To tolerate everything only hurts us all in the long run."

♡ I don't want to be th first cause there will be second and third, i want to be th only one ♡

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Tomorrow will always be a better day

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Sunday, March 30, 2008 ♥

saturday; met tikah at bedok inter.
then after which, took mrt to city hall to meet ipa &lina.
after we all had gathered together, we then met izyan &her friend;
however, it was only a 2mins duration of seeing each other, ayayai~
walk-walked w ipa lina tikah, then abt half an hour later,
we went to meet gea at city hall. afterwards, met sarah,
&out of sudden, girlfs and myself were like seriously famished so we headed kfc.
after that, met dewi kechik &zilla at marina (:

while firends and i were sitting at one corner
, i suddenly received a missed call from my dearest boyf!
i then turned my head so fast to my 180 degrees from the right that my neck cricked
&you know what?
i instantly saw my dearest boyf!
happy laa taw! i didnt know he could recognise me from afar.
hyrul said, 'siapa tak kenal matair oi', ahahaha!
hyrul's hairstyle was ohh so cute! kaseh cair, kaseh cair! heeee~

GFriends' outing yesterday was a last minute planning &on top of that,
meeting hyrulsyg was also unplanned but was a surprised one tho!
heeeee~ ;D

i was extremely elated that ive the chance
to meet my hyrulsyg eventho it only lasted for like 15minutes or so.
thanks syg, ily much!

reached home at about 7plus, i then took a shower &did my prayers.
went out again to msia w family. while otw to msia, i was terribly sicked i tell you;
running nose, bad headache &kept vomitting.
despite being sicked, i still managed to camwhore w my dearest sisAEYNN! ;D

reached home on sunday, 9plus pm.
like what ive predicted, im sickkkkkk! ):

Saturday, March 29, 2008 ♥

&i woke up at 8plus.
quite early gitu eh? ;D

on my comp.
checked friendster
&then bloggg.
after which, texted my sygg, eheheh =P
boyf cutee laaaaaa!
yesterday hyrul tertidur?
kaseh pun laaaaa, ehehehe~

&should i go out w girlfs todaay?
saturday tawwwww!
but gg out again w family at nightt.
sempaat or not?
Boyf said duduk rumah belajar sudah.
well, its true actually,
have to start preparing for my mid yr.
duduk rumah kan lebih afdal gitukk.
uhh, dearest tikah msged me whether im gg or not.
&whaaaat should i reply? hmphh.
well, i think im gg luhh, hmphh.

last minute planning laa kaan,

need to take my shower for nowww;
kaseh has yet to clean herself up,
bhusuykk =PP

Friday, March 28, 2008 ♥

; izyan , i miss youuuuu -
baby, just beep me whenever you need me &i promise i'l be there for you [:

Wednesday, March 26, 2008 ♥

today's assembly was quite greaat.
there was a performance made by groups of bds's students;
quite funny tho, ahahah~
but i enjoyed e most was the song tittled, "its too late to apologize"
by faris and samuel. &i swear they're effing cute.
&samuel, sorry eh if ive ever hurt you in the pastt,
i now then realisedddd; ive never appreciated youu.
okay maybe by now, its too late too apologise.
so now, let's just ignore each otherr.
lastlong w hidayah; is she now ur current girlf?
okaay, all the best &hopefully everlasting eh! ;DD

todaay was quite okaay for me.
my ca1 results were extremely atrocious, i tell you.
so embarassing if i were to announce my results.
but is proudly to say; i got grade 1 for mothertongue.
ehehehe [:
so yea, ive to start preparing for my midyear; like now!
yeahh, noww! ahaha, currently waiting for my sis to teach me
POA; i hate that subj, i tell you, ahahaha~

P.E was awesome;
preparing for NAFA testt.
andand, let me share w you a secrett,
i failed &i guess ill never pass tht standing broad jump.
hmphh, ahahah~

my friends &i cant wait for june laaaaaaa;
goingg cambodia, woohoo ;DD
&some going thailand &vietnam.
excitedd tawwww! :D

&btwbtw!, chatted w someone;
e most unfriendly &action guy ive ever known,
sesungguhnya, mcmmcm manusia dlm dunia nihk!

&&dearestt boyf, i miss youu ohsomuchh!
how much i miss you, you will never really knoww.

okaaaaaay daaaa, theres poa test tmr.
have to study nowwwww.
byebye! ;DD

Tuesday, March 25, 2008 ♥

Was sick today so didnt attend schl, hee.
dearest Tikah msged, "miss mara send her regards to you (:"
happy gitu kaan :D ; i didnt know miss mara is a nice teacher afterall,
ehehhe [:

chatted on msn w my syg! (:
a day without contcting him, is like months you know.
im missing him badly, how i wish he's here right beside me.
i have to wait for like 6 days to meet him; like 6months gitu :(
syg, im sorry for all the things ive done which hurt you real bad.
i'l change for the better; i promise (:
&i promise to study hard; with you guiding me eh! =P
&not to skip prayers, ehheh [:
i miss you syg (:

&oh, chatted w dear Teera justnow;
Teera cute laa eh! ahahah~
Teera is such a great friend; no wonder shes one of my
boyf's bestie, heee~

okayy, i better stop now, have to pack my schl bag.
nothing much to bring tmr cause two periods of P.E
& three periods of project group work.

Monday, March 24, 2008 ♥

Syg, im sorry for not being a good girlfriend.
i love you, i love you more than i ever thought i could.
&i know you feel the same way for me too.

but somehow, i feel that you have made the biggest mistake
in your life by choosing me as your girlfriend.
a girl like me dont deserve a nice guy like you.
i keep hurting you, over again.
and im fully aware that ive always being sarcastic to you.
i truly apologise for it.
im sure you know that im someone who easily get jealous;
Even i myself hate tht kind of attitude.
im sorry dearr. truly sorry.
i'l try my very best to change this atrocious attitude of mine.

but, i was terribly hurt when you took your bag &left me all alone
without giving me a chance to explain the truth.
Not only that, you even accused me for not being faithful to you.
dear, it frantically hurts me alott ):
Nevertheless, im trully aware it hurts you even more when youre being ignored.
i was just too petrified; i dont know what to say no more.
i just feel like crying at that point of time.
hope you understand.

after a few hours of ignoring you, i then gave my response
to your msges at msn &that was when a sudden question struck my mind ):
"why of all GOODgirls you have known, you chose me?"
the answers you've replied never satisfy me, idk why.
day by day, my attitude worsened;
stubborn, lazy, sarcastic, get jealous easily &etc.
im sorry dear.
well, as you know ive never been in relationship before;
this is my very first time tho.
once again im saying, i'l try my very best to change this bad attitude of mine.
&i regretted saying something to you a while ago; you know what.
really, i dont have the intention to actually said that to you.
im really sorry dear.

&again i apologise, idk why but i just dont feel good to meet you up tomorrow.
and please, patiently wait for my sms-es.
i'l text you in days time.
miss youu! ):

Sunday, March 23, 2008 ♥

Well, to those people who dosent know,
this isnt actually my first blog for ive once owned a blogger for myself some years ago.
However, due to some disputes, i finally made a decision to just quit blogging
and concentrate on other webbie like for instance; the darling friendster (:

But you know, since ive nothing better to do,
eventually i made the choice to just start everything all over again back from square one.
And thus, here i am back again to blogger from dissapearance, Helloooooo ;D

Will keep you update on the episode of my life from the very next entry onwards.
Stay in touch, k! (: