;i dont smoke/drink/club, thanks for passing by my blog (:

Being in a relationship now is just a temporary thing in life.

"You can forgive someone almost anything but you cannot tolerate everything.
We don't have to tolerate what people do just because we forgive them for doing it.
Forgiving heals us personally. To tolerate everything only hurts us all in the long run."

♡ I don't want to be th first cause there will be second and third, i want to be th only one ♡

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Tomorrow will always be a better day

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008 ♥

izyan's &kaseh's ;sweet gituk kan :D

woke up late at 2pm
&received a phone call from dearest izyan.
met yan at 3:30pm
&accompanied her to her aunt's hse to get some stuffs
after which, went to TM, walked around
&headed off to bedok,
&bought prepaid card.
so yeah, kaseh &izyan will be using prepaidcard frm thurs onwards,
which also means tht we're changing hp number.
if you want my new number, tell me. (:
,ahahahah ~

while walking towards the 101station,
we walked past a group of ite guys.
well, its normal for girls to walk
&at the same time, holding hands right?

you know whaaat, they called us lesbian!
eh please, we're totally straight kaay guys.
ooops, you guys dont deserve to be called guys ,but boys!
not matured! not only tht, they called us names.
stupidd people, ergh.
really, i was so enraged by their horrendous attitudes!

On the brighter note,
-5 days more to first june.
o`oh ~

i cant wait for saturday night! ;imissyouuuuuuuuuu!

Monday, May 26, 2008 ♥

there was schl at 8 to 10 ;
cambodia talk.

after which, went to city plaza w dearest izyan.
from city plaza, we took bus 197 to Bedokinterchange.
Long john was superb.
We then bumped onto four ite guys, one of them is an ex bds-ian.
the other two approached us &one of them asked fer my number.

the guy: my friend mintak number.
kaseh: *smile* ,da att ,&*walked away*
the other guy: att? bedek uh.

ahahah ~
bedek? tk pcaya sudaaaaaaaaa.
the ex bds-ians should hv told you tht im att whaaat.

after eating at LongJohn,
we then planned to go tamp but before that, Liya texted me .
Soon after, Met Liya at DTE Mcd,
eheheh, rindu Liya &Mira! ;DD

Promised Liya tht we'll meet around 1:30pm
but nah, i reached there at about 2:30pm, janji melayu eh kaseh.
sorry liya &friends. (:

The day w liya, mira& izyan was fun.
Felt really contented.
thanks girlfriends (:
&oh, kita empat bestfriend kan? =PP
sayang korang.

after a few minutes slacking at DTE Mcd,
we then headed off to PasirisPark,

afic, fidi, &the other two boys were there too.
dorg mandi laut, abes basah kuyup, ahaha ~

fidi gg indon tmr,
takecare &have fun okay!
stop thinking abt death, ahahah :D

kaseh syg liya,mira &izyan teramat sangat taww ;DD

kaseh &izyan left pasirispark at around 4plus.
we felt so thirsty &thus, we went Mcd to have a drink.
we then left Mcd &walked towards the Busstop.
as we were walking, there was a guy running to us.
&i was like huh? ahahha
&oh, he was the guy whom i saw at mcd,
he then looked at me &passed me a thing ;

unknown guy: um, is this ur ez-link card?
kaseh: er ya *blur &smiled*
&he gave me &ran back to Mcd.

gosh, i accidentally dropped my ez-link card at Mcd.
im not sure if ive thanked him or not. ergh!
&ive forgetten how he look like.
ahahah ~

took 17 w yan
&went home.


Sunday, May 25, 2008 ♥

Fedi Nuril Loves Kaseh (:
ehehehe ~ ,jgn jealous ;P

watched ayatayatcinta at Ehub w dearest izyan syahida,
zy, iloveyou, today,tomorrow &forever laa ,tawu tak?! ;D

;cinta dan keinginan untuk memiliki amat berbeda.
;if allah intended so, anyone can be your soulmate.

Thursday, May 22, 2008 ♥

;its 5:01am now,
&im still awake.
my eyes are widely open, still fresh.

&im thinking about some things.

okaaaaay, goodnight.
goodMORNING! [:

naaaak sleep! mimpi indahh!

11:55pm now;

i was busy sleeping
&hyrul texted me at 11 in the morning.
ergh, kacau org ngh tdo jek -.-
ahahaha ~

had planned w hyrul to watch congkak e day before. &so yea, we did.
super scary laa, i tell you.

hyrul, i had so much fun w you today.

Thursday, May 22, 2008 ♥

Hyrulsyg, HappySixthMonthsary.
9moredays to our First Year of knowing eachother (:
esok nonton congkak sama gueh ya? =P

FriendshipProblem ;

to Z ;
change your attitude first before asking other's to change.
you texted me &say tht u felt tht someone is using you.
tell you whaaat, youre e one who made use of others.
you fought w izyan e otha day, but somehow you asked for apologised
&i knw e reason was tht u wanted to go to nazirah's bdae party w izyan,
accompaniying you, just admit it.
i know u were dissapointed when u gt to knw tht izyan's gg w me.
but hey, we were so kind to ask you to tag along w us but u rejected the sincere offer.
tell you what, you never appreciate friends. i just couldnt understand you.
i admit tht at times, im a hypocrite. but hey, u gotta admit tht ure one too.
i called myself hypocrite because sometimes i agreed w you on some bad things about izyan.
but somehow, im still good w her.
only now then i realised tht you were just exaggerating.
if you hate izyan, go ahead but stop bad mouthing about her to others
&made others hate izyan as well.
sometimes i wonder why i was so stupid to agree on everything u said.
you bad mouthing abt her to me, but after tht youre still good w her,
whats the rational behind that?
just tell the truth tht you actually dont like me befriend-ing w her?!
&please tell me the reason why?!
you told everyone tht she hangouts w me just because of beauty?
think again, she has the looks &everything,
why the hell she wanna do that due to fame or whatever shits.
there on, you told diff story to izyan, you claimed tht whenever my gfs were there,
izyan would be left behind and thus why the hell must she be so silly to stay true to me.
i never had tht kind of intention okaay.
and i realised tht everytime whem im w izyan, you'll show me tht ten cents face.
at e party, i smiled at you, but u ignored.
justnow when u were w MISS N outside your class, i smiled at you but u ignored me still.
ego. you always think youre the one who is right.
&like, everything izyan did was wrong to you.
can you like stop controlling other's life?
i still remembered when we were sec1,
you told me tht ive changed because i was influenced by e 'Nasties'.
you were unhappy whenever you saw me w them.
seeeeee, stop having the attitude of wanting to control other's life.
tell you whaaat,
do whatever you want, you can never make me hate izyan.
lau satu hari kau nk minta maaf kt dia hanya utk nk gunakan dia lagik, takperlu kay!

to N ;
i never thought tht you'l have e thinking tht izyan's a hypocrite.
someone must have poisoned your mind.
just say tht ure angry at izyan for sleeping over at my house &not yours.
you should hv asked her e reason why cik aslinda gave her e permission to do that.
dont u just accused, anyhow.
you called her hypocrite, you claimed tht she despise you
&chose to befriend with someone else is due to fame and popularity,
then let me tell u this, ure simply wrong.

kaseh minta maaf laa kalau benda ni sume trjadi kalau ada kena mengena dgn kaseh.
kaseh tatawu asl bnyk org tk suka kaseh kwn dgn yan.
hak kaseh la kan nk kwn dgn sesape.
asl korang kena ckp yan bestfriend kaseh in a sarcastic way?

kaseh tk phm luh dgn korang ni sume.
kalau yan nya perangai buat kebencian korang, da suda la kan.
yg sorang tuh, tangan tk perlu nk jalan kan.
jgn nk memandai pukul anak org smp blue blck.
brsyukur la yg dia tk cmplain.
sendiri kata yg yan kwn yg baik,
cuma bila pt jantan, prangai sikit [fill in the blanks].
abeh skrg dia dh berubah taw, korang tk sedar!

To my one&only dearest girlf ; IzyanSyahida.
izyan, i promise tht i'l always be there for you.
i'l never ignore or neglect you.
i dont want you to ever think tht im e type who only talk to you
when my gfs not w me.
ive told you,
youre now&forever regarded as my most dearest girlf.
&iloveyou. yes, i really do.

&oh, i woke up at 7:30am, ahahahaha ~
reached schl at 8:50am when i was supposed to reach at 7:30am,
was late to e extreme laa kan.
you know why?
cause i slept at 5.30am.
nari nantuk day oik!
gayya&jayna was absent, boringg tawu tak!

school library, free period gituk kan.

tikahsyg! (:

Thursday, May 22, 2008 ♥


Wednesday, May 21, 2008 ♥ ; Can'tLiveIfLivingIsWithoutYou -

ive read your post on 19may.
i cried. was touched.
i know i was wrong, i kept hurting you.
i neglected you. i ignored you.
im sorry, i've hurt you real bad.

im a bad girlf, im sorry for not appreaciating you.

im sorry to say this but,
im just afraid tht one day my love for you will fade away
without me realising it.

idk why, but i always hv the feelings tht u dont trust me.

you know whaat, i really dont deserve youu.
sometimes i wonder, why do you still love me
& keep forgiving me when my attitude is like this.

i know, the only thing tht u'l hate &never forgive me
is the day u gt to know tht im being unfaithful
what if it really happens? hmm.

hyrul, when i remember about the past when we gt to know each other,
im really scared of losing you.
i still remember the days when i was crazy over you.
i never thought tht you would have the feelings for me too.
i still remember tht sketch you drew for me, i was so elated.
but somehow, i was dissapointed when i gt to knw tht im not e only one.
i still remember the day i met tikah at sengkang inter at 5.50am
as i know u'l be taking bus87 as well
but still, i didnt get to see you.
&the days i went to bedok reservoir just wanted to accidentally bump onto you.
but still, i didnt get to see you.

30th may 08 will be our one year of knowing each other.
& 21st may 08, our 6monthsary.
i really want us to last forever.
but why? why problems keep coming our way?

trust me,
im not the type of girl ure searching for.
we fought over small matters like,
when you asked me out to go arcade, bowling,
i didnt want.
i know im a boring girlf.
why do u still wnna be w me?

i can see tht u'l hv a bright future ahead
but me,
i dont do well in my studies,
im lazy,
&you still wanna be w me?

i just miss our laughters, &the fun we had together.

i wonder how my life would be without your love.
i wonder how my life would be without your care&concern.
i wonder how my life would be without you by my side.

&im sure tht no other guys can ever love me like how you do.

Pictures with thousands of words &memories ;

; e day we watched 'the leap years' ...
hyrul, i wish to see tht hairstyle once again, iLove. (:

; e day i was absent frm schl &we studied together ..

; pasirispark ,our 2nd monthsary ...
thanks fr tht flower, [:

; this was when i gt to meet you after you did your friday prayers ...
i cried when you're sending me home cos i know tt im gonna miss you.
& like, i know bad things would happen.
&yes, we then gt to meet each othe at SP after days later
,things happened &we didnt get to cntct like.. 2wks.
i wonder if you still remember all this.....

after my peer leader meeting, i went to your work place
&waited for your lunch time.

04 Feb 08
in e bus from MustafaCenter to PayaLebar...

the First ever picture we took
&the day you hold my hand
&said 'sudi tak kaseh menjadi kekasih hyrul?'

you wanted to meet me before your friday prayers at abt 11plus
but i was khusyuk-ed watching tv
& so i said no, we shall just meet after your fri prayers ;D
&studied 'History'

thanks hyrul, iloveyou.
only god knows how happy i was when i received this on friendster.

studied chemistry.
&oh, 3 primary schl girls walked past
&said tht im cute.
hyrul was jealous! :DDD bluek!

eheheh terperanjat tengok gambar ni kan? ;D
ni first time hyrul mkn dpn kaseh,
beh malu! ahahahaa~

the pooh you gave me ,cos you know i love poohs (:

your birthday ,at arnold (:
&i still remember you wrote on a plate , 'kaseh syg'
using chilli sauce (:

outside e national library.
studied math.

Nobody gonna love me better,
Nobody gonna take me higher,
You know how to appreciate me,

&nobody ever made me feel this way,
i must stick with you forever (:

Tuesday, May 20, 2008 ♥

wo si huan ni,
ke shi wo pu ke yi ken ni chai yi chi, dui pu chi.

accidentally sent you tht msg, gosh.
i dnt wnt you to think tht im e type of girl
who'l ditch my guy friends whenever i have probs w my boyf.
ur reply is not what i was expecting it to be.

130408 ~

Monday, May 19, 2008 ♥

went ECP as there was a bdae party,
stay sweet, girl (:

gulam zulfikar ; kepunyaan nadirah (:

radin arif

ugly hair, i know. but aww, he's cute! ;D

fake smile? hmph ,imy.

Sunday, May 18, 2008 ♥

TFTHSTFSK ;180508610.

Sunday, May 18, 2008 ♥

khai, i hate you for saying tht to my friend..

on bed, zy was otp w Thaqifff.

From Bedok to CityHall w Khai &izzat.
went burger king.
after which, headed Esplanade.
Hayli was there too.
Izyan&myself was pissed off by Khai due to some reasons,
&so we left tht place.
frm Esplanade to Bedok, we had our fringe cut.
from Bedok to TampMall.
From TampMall to CS, bought shades.
From CS to Pasiris.
From Pasiris to Bedok.

Zyzy bby, i had a great time w you! ;D