;i dont smoke/drink/club, thanks for passing by my blog (:

Being in a relationship now is just a temporary thing in life.

"You can forgive someone almost anything but you cannot tolerate everything.
We don't have to tolerate what people do just because we forgive them for doing it.
Forgiving heals us personally. To tolerate everything only hurts us all in the long run."

♡ I don't want to be th first cause there will be second and third, i want to be th only one ♡

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Tomorrow will always be a better day

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Friday, October 31, 2008 ♥

TM ,PP &Bugis w Dearests!
oh ,slipper adidas yg pink colour tuh daah out of stock!

Friday, October 31, 2008 ♥

Satu jam saja ku telah bisa sayangi kamu dihatiku
,namun bagiku melupakanmu butuh waktuku seumur hidup ~


Thursday, October 30, 2008 ♥

i know i have to respect th older one
,but tell me ,do you even deserve to be respected
after all those you've said to me?
hurt ,yes im hurt.

in any of my post ,have i ever insulted you?
have i ever called you names? have i?

why kaseh perangai when youve finally forgive me?
k ,why hairul was th one who told me tht ive been forgiven?
why didnt you give me a call or at least a msg?
ive been waiting for your text/call ,you know.

trust me ,i never believe when they say
,friends come and go.

and do you know tht beside your name still has th
"syg <3" in my phone contacts?

and in my phone photo folder ,theres still pictures of you
&th folder was renamed as "muchmisses"
,do you even care about all this?
do you even treasure our friendship?

do you remember when you sent me these msges? ;

"i always listen to what the elders say,
since i was a lil girl ;oh-so-young,
i have an adorable darling coled KASEH,
&definitely,she's my SAYANG!

teehees,just for you(:
hope you like it!have a nice day k?
[yourname] syg kaseh sgtsgt!!"


"youre always sweet&always kind .youre also
rare bt a bestie of mine. always there when
i need a ear,you always say:i'm always here.
&so tonight i wanna say,imissyou loads my
dearest kaseh(: hees kaseh! imissyou la syg.
hope you like this poem. nights *hugs*

do you remember those days when you and liya laughed at me
bacause of my spoiled keyboard &th conference at Msn w tyqa &liya?

im being patience w your posts ,you know
cause i believe tht we'l be like last time
and will forget about th past.

but it hurts me when you say ,you'l forget about th past
,but never forgive

and i was nice to you tht day ,when we were chatting on msn
; conference w tyqa&liya.

and it seemed like whatever i said was wrong to you
and liya kept blaming me ,cant you see that?
hurt ,yes i'm hurt

still ,im being patience cause i know liya&tyqa was trying their best to help.
and seriously ,i cried while reading tyqa's latest post.

Thursday, October 30, 2008 ♥

girl ,i hope tht youre relieved since
youre not on my link anymore
,thats what youve been wanting ,right?
alright then :D
and ive never make up stories ,please.

if you ever think of tht way &keep thinking tht im bad
,please tell me and confront me asap.

takecare of yourself ,alright.
hope to hear from you soon.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008 ♥

&on this coming saturdaay!
,someone asked me outtttt :D

if any of my guyfriends were to ask me out
,im so not gg to reject anymore
cause ive officially broke up w you ,boy
&&yesterday ,you told me that you have th right to go out
w your ladyfriends &like ,ive no right to control you.
yeah ,maybe youre right (:

and so ,ive decided not to wait for you.
i dont want to be waiting and at th same time
looking at your blog and see how wonderful
your outings are w your dearestbesties

i wanna be happyhappy &stop being sad ,feeling lost&lonely.
and so ,i guess ive to start gg out w my guyfriends
cause theres no reason for me to be faithful anymore
cause ive to accept th fact tht we're no longer together
and also accept th fact that you actually didnt accept me
when i asked for a patch (:

i'l try not to come back ,i promise ~

oh ,youre happy tht ive finally hate you?
alright alright &i know you hate me too
cause that's what you told me last night.

dont be mine once again just bacause you've told
th whole wide world that im your last

and much thanks for everythng.
kan ku jadi kan kau kenangan yg paling terindah dlm hidupku (:

now ,no one will stop you from gg out w your dearestbesties
or any ladyfriends cause im gone ,gone from your life.
im tired of being hurt ,im just tired.

andand yes ,true tht my friendsterfriends did say tht they missed me
butbut ,did i ever go out w them berduaan?
and yes ,even if i were to also miss them ,i have the right
,cause im single now! yayyay*

i suddenly talk about rights eh? maybe cause last night
,you were th one who started about having rights (:

&&oh ,looking forward on this coming Saturdaay
,im gg out w my bestguyfriend! ,NOT dating ok (:

Wednesday, October 29, 2008 ♥

went to school w Tikahsyg
,Maman&Shaf to handed up our results slip
after which ,had my breakfast/lunch at Mcd w them

&myself then have no where to go as Man&Shaf went home
as they had already planned to go gym at 3:30pm

we then decided to meet DearestGayya at her voideck &talktalk-ed :D
Gayya was missed by Tikaah&Kaseh laa tauu ,like totally!

&oh ,we planned to have a Sentosa outing
,w DearestClassmates! ,next week bbys!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008 ♥

i hate hairulizwan
; that's all on my mind right now

Sunday, October 26, 2008 ♥

after weeks arguing w dearesthairulizwan
,i never thought that i'l get to meet him today.

many things to be said
but my mind's just cant really think properly right now

ok ,how do i start?
went out w sweethearts ; sisAeynn &cousinEzzan (:
thought of studying w em ,but i didnt

out of sudden ,dearesthairulizwan texted &asked
if im gg out or not &i replied tht im outside ,studying
&he asked if he could tag along &i replied a yes ,ofcourse

an hour later he reached siglap cc
&initially ,its like nothing happened at all
we were like normal ,like th days we were still att

i swear ,i kept blushing when dearesthairulizwan
said ,"eh! kaseh pimpin tangan hairul???"
hehe &sometimes i accidentally called him ,"syg" :P

i was like confused ,you see
idk if he wants me to treat him as a friend
or more than that

th day before ,i asked for a patch
but was rejected ,how sad
syg ,i know its not th time now
i understand (:

you told me that you've never treated me as a friend (:
cause im th most special in your eyes ,well me too
but then at th same time ,you want us to always spend time
w each other without patching up cause youre not ready

syg ,im sure you understand that im not th type of girl
who'l spend time and have fun w a guy who only wants
me to regard him only as a friend or maybe ,a special friend
th fact is ,i can never treat you as a special friend
cause youre someone i love ,more than a friend (:

and you said ,you'l treat me only as a friend
&again ,i keep thinking..
when youre out w any lady friends ,did you hold their hands as well?
and you told me ,you've never ,ok i trust you (:

but syg ,i cannot go on like this
im not like other girls who'l allow their boyfs to go out
w other girls eventho only as a bestie ,&you know th real reasons why
&you did say to me ,its okay to be greedy

im sure after all those confession ,youve finally understand
what &how i feel ,and understand why im jealous all this while
and yes ,youve seen justnow how fugly i am to groan
&also crying over you
,that is how devastated i always am when youre gone

can't you see how much i love you?
i told you tht i'l stop crying ,but syg im still crying right now
im missing your presence ,i need you
i just need you to be here by my side )':

and you told me justnow
,you'l never go out w any of your besties anymore

but i know ,you'l feel lonely
&since we have to go on separate ways
i wont be there to spend time &have fun w you

and again i said ,if gg out w your besties will make you happy
yes i wouldn't mind (:

cause seeing you happy will somehow makes me happy
eventho this heart couldn't accept th fact that youre happy
cause your besties are th one making you happy

you told me ,its not them who makes you happy
its yourself who chose to be happy

but think again syg ,without them you definitely will feel lonely
and as a result ,youre not happy

&yes ,i understand that i couldnt make you happy
all i did was to make you stress &sad ):
im aware of that syg.

26oct 20:25
"assalammualaikum kaseh :) hairul harap tadi kita dpt selesaikn prob kita.
hairul mintamaaf bab hairul buat kaseh derita dan nangis.
dan tadi tak sanggup tgk kaseh nangis gitu lagi. dan kaseh
,baru ckp psl maaf,(hisdearestbestie'sname) da maafkan kaseh :)
and! kasehsyg,jaga diri baikbaik k? :)
and kaseh igt tau hati ini tetap menyayangimu seandainya di masa akn dtg
,dan kita temu lagi. hati ini tetap menerimamu
dan hairul harap that day will be better than yesterday :)
but if ever you found someone better than me go with him k? :)
oh and kasehmasyam! hahaha i hope you gonna like the gift i gave
hahaha like finnaly gitu dpt kasi.
hahaha happy tau dpt jumpa kaseh! hahaha
and i'll never and can't forget you and our memories.
im sorry for all my wrong doings and hurt you k? :)
tak niat to suffer you gini tau. dan hairul minta maaf once again.
dan i hope you can feel how truly and deeply
i love you and really dying to meet you and embrace you.
kaseh ..if ever you want to meet me.
im always here for you and i still love you :')
sayangkamu&foreverido :D"

26oct 21:37
"haha kasehsyg..da da jgn cry lagi k? :) i'm here.
k hug yourself and imagine me hugging you k? ;) happy if youre happy. im stress if youre stress
and im sad when youre sad too. :) and when you miss me
that means im missing you too! :P i said tadi
,hairul choose mood hairul kan? so dont worry about me k,syg? :)
kaseh must be strong k? you know im always here for you. and!
kaseh..if ever you feel lonely at night,
im the stars that always keep you close cos your the moon! hehehe:D
and in the day, im the sun cos i try ro make you feel shine and bright!
whee! haha k kaseh stop crying bila kaseh da sedia k?
cos crying makes you feel better :) k syg?
even though this heart still loves you like the first time i love you
still it looks like we have to go on our separate ways. still
,i really hope that one day kita akan temu kembali hairul harap :)
sayangkamu tateibabymasyamsygku:*

ayulbabybhuchuksyg ; idk what my life would be without you
,am i gg to cry everyday? feeling lost &lonely all th time?
always feel devastated &keep missing your presence?
&together ,we cried badly justnow.
i miss you &that's all on my mind right now.
i am really missing you.
i'l just hope that i could bumped into you
&th first thing i'l do is to hug you ,tightly :'(
i miss you. &thanks for th gift ~

Friday, October 24, 2008 ♥

went shopping w my sisterrrrrrr ,yeyyey!
ahahaha ~

firstly at tamp ,then headed to bugis &lastly penin.
swear ,im now exhausted. ,&spent like &103+
gonna broke sooon ,i supposed? ha ha ha.

i had kfc as my breakfast
&it gonna be my lunch &dinner as well.
ha ha ha.

i woke up at 7
&met sisAeynn at bedokinter at 10.
so early gituk ehhhhhh ,hahhah!

gedebakgedebuk ,while otw to bedok.

from city hall
,i took train to bedok and stood near th door.
and when it was at lavender(i guess so)
i saw a guy outside th door.
and th door took like a few seconds to open.
and like omg ,within tht seconds we eye contacted.
swear ,he was th first stranger i eye contacted w ,for like so long.
i know its only seconds but v long ,you know.
furthermore ,he's a stranger! ,&like oh so cute laa.
omg ,im still thinking about that guyyyyyyy.
kaseh is being so random now but know what?!
ive actually forgotten how he looked like already ,how sad
,but so what ,im still thinking about him la kaan.

but th thing is ,im not sure if hes a chinese or malay?
hahhaha &he looked abit like haizad imran! but hes taller! :D

of all th guys ive cucimata-ed
,idk why i feel like posting about him.
hahahah ,weird laa kaseh :D

kakak was like mengeluh when i keep talking about him.
and she was like sarcasticly said
,"dont worry kaseh ,if takdir let you meet him again then you will".
and i was ,i know i will ,&bluek-ed at her!
hahahah ,being childish is not wrong (:

and in the mrt ,we kept eyed-contacting w each other ,how sweet :P
kasehkaseh ,stop berangan boleh?
ntahntah time tuh dia tgh nk jumpa matair dia ke.

ok ,enough of my nonsense
&so ,i went to tag my exboyf using th name passerby.
it was my first time tagging people without putting my name.
hehheh ,but then to think again ,i mustn't put passerby as my name
cause i have my own name (:

so spammers ,better put your name when you tag nonsense stuffs about me?
cause i actually dont really mind ,hehe! :D
&im so not gonna get angry if you were to tag bad things about me :D

&oh ,showed my mom the pictures of exboyf &his bestie.
mom was like ,oh rapatnya ,gini rupanya dia.