;i dont smoke/drink/club, thanks for passing by my blog (:

Being in a relationship now is just a temporary thing in life.

"You can forgive someone almost anything but you cannot tolerate everything.
We don't have to tolerate what people do just because we forgive them for doing it.
Forgiving heals us personally. To tolerate everything only hurts us all in the long run."

♡ I don't want to be th first cause there will be second and third, i want to be th only one ♡

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Tomorrow will always be a better day

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Wednesday, December 31, 2008 ♥

was out w ♥dearests ; sisAeynn ,cousinEzzan &abgHilmi♥

went marina sq. and oh ,pizzahut(!) ,sisAeynn's treat.
thanks kakak sayang ,i love you much.

bumped into quite a number of people.
hakhikhuk ,ok bye.

school's reopening in two days' time!
still ,not a single school bag has attracted my attention.
school shoes? school uniform? hair hair hair? gaaah.

by all means ,i've to prepare everything by tomorrow.
diedie ,esok juga harus bersiapsedia segalagalanya.
yes baby yes ,by hook or by crook.

nowdays ,my eyes are very obedient eh?
i dont wash eyes today ,like seriously!
maybe ,since th day my eye was tembel-ed(?!)
kambing betul! currently ,one eye small ,&th other one big.
dont laugh at me ,please? *minta kesian face* ok bye!

something happened ,something happened.
and swear ,i dont wash eyes ,i donttttt (!!)

butbutbut ,i am still thinking of that starbucksboy.
huaaaak! hehehehehe =P

ezzan &myself ordered choc&chip. but he gave us th wrong drink.
we drank without even noticing that it wasnt the drink that we ordered
,plus th wrong size of cup ,selenga mcm biscuit eh kita berdua. then
,that oh-so-goodlooking guy from starbuck came running towards us
(heheh =P) he gave us our actual drink. and we were like ,(oh thankyou)
and (huh?) ,hahaha. he then went running back to th starbucks outlet.
ezzan &myself went back there and wanted to take another straw ,&ask him something.yes ,something! and i was th one who asked him. and please ,not
ask for number eh. takpernah seumur hidup kaseh minta number lelaki -.-

kaseh : do you want us to pay for th drink?
him : oh ,no its ok.

i was melting by then. uh ,enough of this. ok bye.
heheheeheeheh ,chickeeeeeeen =P

i know mum wont be allowing me to countdown w friends
so i didnt ask for permission (:

and ♥Dearest Ezzan♥ ,sorry cause i cancelled th plan of
watching fireworks w you ): i was feeling so lethargic laaah sayang
,i love you tau! *hugs&kisses*

im going out w ♥Dearest Tikah♥ tomorrow. so yeah ,goodnight!
assalammua'laikum &jaga diri baikbaik :D

Tuesday, December 30, 2008 ♥

woke up at ten in th morning and helped mum w house chores.
yes ,i was appointed to do several tasks ,for instance ; vacuuming th house
,fold those unfolded clothes ,cleaned both washrooms ,took these and that
for ♥Dearest Mummy♥ Mummy ,please get well soon k? ): iloveyou.
oh ,tidak pernah kaseh merasa dipergunakan kerana menolong ibu dengan
ikhlas ,kaseh akan memperolehi pahala ,betul tak temanteman? ;D hehehe!
cakap pasal ikhlas ,teringat tyqa punya ex tersayang lagi terindu tuh ,aha!

by 5pm ,i was out to meet ♥Tikahsyg♥ at bedok inter. coincidentally bumped into ♥dewi ,yayah ,aisyah &irene♥ ,they wanted to go bugis as well ,and they invited us
to join in ,so yes we did. tikah &myself felt weird ,tho (:
but swear ,i missed yayah ,dewi &aisyah like freaking much.

then headed off to orchard w only tikah. our intention was to buy school shoes
,but still none interest me or perhaps ,my feet is too big. as a result ,no size -.-
kambing biribiri betul. school bags pun tidak ada yang menarik ,adui. left w only
two days to school reopens &ive not fully prepared for it. ayayai. and first day
of school! which means ,im meeting my ♥babyloves!♥ *yayness.
i can't wait! hopefully ,all my babies will be turning up. *pray hard*

so yeah ,meeting tikah again on 1st. maybe cutting my fringe sooon.
i am so rimas w my current hair. chicken chicken chicken! can dear
someone/anyone treats me for hair rebonding plus treatment? bleah.

assalammua'laikum dan jaga diridiri baikbaik ,wahai pembacapembaca blogku (:
♥sayang dan rindu yang teramat sangat♥

Tuesday, December 30, 2008 ♥

tagboard sudah ku deleteeee.

hate taggers ,you should thank me cause without my tagboard
,korang pasti akan lakukan kerjakerja yang lebih faedah
,betul tak betul?

masa korang tidak akan terbuang dengan tag kaseh
yg bukanbukan ,thank me kay darlings? (:

alamak ,nanti rindu pula dengan hate taggers ,hahahaha!

jangan lupa ,solat lima waktu ,pastu bertaubat.
insyaallah ,allah akan maafkan dosadosa korang. huakhuak.

assalammualaikum &jaga diri baikbaik k sayangs.

Monday, December 29, 2008 ♥

theres too many things happened today
,so where do i start?

i didnt sleep since yesterday ,you know.
i was on th phone w my ♥babies ; tyqa &zara♥
tyqa put down th phone at 3am and i continued
talking on th phone w dearest zara till 5:30am.
zara ,thanks for all those advices ,i love you.

i took my shower then out to meet someone.
♥someone special♥ guess who?
my new boyfriend? maybe ,youre wrong.
cause im still single :D
boy ,thanks for treating me breakfast.
and i know you know i love you ; for how long eh?
can someone tell me ,which one is longer ;
always or forever? hehe &that will be th answer
for how long my love will be for you. huaaaaaak.
*never make me change my mind cause if you do
,that's it. i'l stop loving you*
and yes readers ,ive happily moved on (:

ive to say goodbye to 2008 ,pretty soon.
memories will stay as memories.
past is past ,looking forward to see th future.

im missing all my ♥babyloves♥ like frigging much.
met zara first ,and exchanged hug (:
waited for th other three chickens ,they were late -.-"
soon later ,they reached city hall ,and as usual
,we exchanged hugs ,and yes hugged tightly.
like finally ,all th babyloves turned up.
gembira tidak terkata (!)

my eyes were really obedient todaay ,i supposed(?)
i didnt eye-candy on random guys -.-
maybe due to that ♥dearest boy♥ i met
in th morning, was thinking of him. So that explains why
,or perhaps because i was just too sleepy?
nah ,because none really attracts my attention or interests me -.-

wanted to buy school bag but not a single of them are nice.
so plain and not attractive at all. hakhikhuk.

window-shopped and of course ,camwhoring took place.
as usual (:

school's reopening soon ,which means ,im gonna meet all
my babyloves! hopefully ,all my babies will turn up.
*pray hard* cause i miss them as much already.

today was one of th most amazing day for me despite
those tears that keep rolling down my cheeks and those
hidden friendship problems.

hope things will get better soon ,i love ♥sbls.
and i miss that dearest boy ,like totally!

enjoy looking at th pictures ;D

anyway ,happy one month of knowing each other ,bestfriend!
meet up soon? kay no ,wait till my eye heals. haha!
♥s*a**l ,my bestfriend♥