;i dont smoke/drink/club, thanks for passing by my blog (:

Being in a relationship now is just a temporary thing in life.

"You can forgive someone almost anything but you cannot tolerate everything.
We don't have to tolerate what people do just because we forgive them for doing it.
Forgiving heals us personally. To tolerate everything only hurts us all in the long run."

♡ I don't want to be th first cause there will be second and third, i want to be th only one ♡

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Tomorrow will always be a better day

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009 ♥

i should stop loving you cause its over between us. and if one day, you feel like im ignoring you, it means that im (reallyreally) going away from your life (and never will come back) &if that day were to (reallyreally) happen, i hope you'l realise how it feels to be left by someone you really love. its really suffering cause baby, you were my everything. but now, im going ,going away from your life.

and then you'l know that you should've never walked away from my life and baby, you made a big mistake for leaving me. and now, you'l never get me back, never again.

thanks for giving me th chance to love(d) you. and thanks for showing me your care and concern. and now, close your eyes &forget about me (:

cause sorry wont heal th pain you've caused me.

may peace be upon you. takecare.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009 ♥

Hidup penuh dengan pancaroba. Situasi berubah hanya dengan sekelip mata.

and they say, "things happened so fast."

my dearest parents are still stuck in hospital but thank god, everything's fine now. they have to be warded in hospital for a few weeks more. and yes, i have to visit them everyday, at SGH.
jauhh ay ,kaaan? ):

"life is difficult if you make it difficult." that's what my father said.
i know, i have to be strong to go through all these obstacles.

i hope, i really hope.. my sister will always be there for me. if only she knows that i reallyreally love her eventho nowdays we keep arguing/fighting over small matters. i need her, i really need her. i need her to guide me on everything. yes, everything.

idk how to gain interest on studies? few months to go for my n levels ): midyear, prelim? gone case daaaa -.- what's happening to you kasehhhhhhh. kasehhhhhhhhh! ~ ayayai.

i'l blog again when i have th time.


Saturday, April 25, 2009 ♥



babyloves! please meet up soon! much loves &misses!


Friday, April 24, 2009 ♥

i hate th fact that im always alone at home and there's no one to entertain me.
kaseh nak go out ):

he was there to entertain me at all times. he slept w me every night. he was almost my everything. i was w him for just a few weeks and now ,he's gone! i miss him. my LG phone ):

and now ,how to contact my friends? i dont have their numbers ):

anyway ,i wont be blogging that much for now.

may peace be upon you readers. takecare!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009 ♥

hi. i've lost my phone and i dont wish to elaborate about this. period.

i wont be blogging that much for now.

may peace be upon you readers. takecare and goodbye.


Sunday, April 19, 2009 ♥

pictures that were saved in my draft.

hi. those pictures were taken on last friday. was out w hairulizwan &had a greatime.
what happened on that day?

- accompanied hairul to novena.
- window shopped at orchard.
- mudpie-ed.
- long john silver-ed.

before headed home ,went sheng shiong &SAW SHAHREEN ,si handsome tuh. huhu!

last saturday? met hairulizwan ,again &studied math. as usual ,we camwhored. i'l tell you th reason why i didnt post any pictures that were taken last saturday. wait ehh.

anyway! what happened today? i was out w parents ,sister ,aunt ,cousin &kak anisa (: shopped at john little ,then went tampines 1 &tampines mall. century square semua dah tak pandang ,hahaahahahahha. -.-

saw hairul at john little. da tiga hari berturutturut nampak muka dia yang handsome tuh -.-
hahahahahhahahahaha. bye la. *actually ,im not in th mood tau due to some reasons which im not gonna tell now. hhahahahaah ,bah. will tell you people on my next post. so stay tune! :D

its weird cause i didnt post any pictures that were taken today. again ,i'l tell you th reason on my next post. hahahhahahahahhaa. *actually ,im not in th mood lah but HA HA HA. =.-'


Thursday, April 16, 2009 ♥

imesh account ; is also a fake account of me.
i was framed for th past few months. sorry for some misunderstandings.

to th one who framed me ; since you dont wanna tell me who is th real you. its okay w me. i hope one day you'l tell me (: whatever it is ,youre forgiven. and i hope ,you'l stop dirtying my name. takecare.

ok da. takecare readers. assalammua'laikum.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009 ♥

ive been texting w th 'fake kaseh' and im still not sure who she is. curious ,really am. i've accepted her apologies but im still not satisfied cause idk who she is. and th reason why she framed me was because of jealousy. i dont understand why these things happened just because of jealousy! whyyyyyy? like ive said on my previous post ,happiness is not always on my side. and you can still say that 'envy' is th reason? ): initially ,she used someone's name but when i got to know that she lied ,i changed my mind of not reporting about this. but afterall ,i think i should just ignore all these nonsense and just ,forgive &forget (: revenge ,cursing ,hating are all not needed cause those wont bring any good. but girl ,youve dirtied my name ): and im still hoping that one day ,everyone knows that burn_roses is not me cause i dont flirt w guys ,i dont talk dirty things w guys ,i dont add guys randomly and im totally diff from that's all. takecare girl and youre forgiven :D

anyway! happy friendship day to all my friends. i was given a friendship band and a card from my dear guyfriend ,zazai ; my sweetest classmate :D th minute i saw that friendship band ,i decided to put it on my wrist. but after some time ,i realised that th band was no longer seen on my wrist. i felt uneasy. and i guess ,there's a reason for me to misplace this friendship band cause i tend to (reallyreally) treasure th friendship more for now. he's a great friend ,really! and after knowing that th friendship band was losttttt (im sad ,ok!) ,it makes me feel that im (more!) afraid of losing him as a friend. i love th friendship ,that's why. im sorry zazaaai &th card will be kept w safety ,i promise :D youre th besttttt guyfriend ,yay!

after school ,went tampines w yayah &tikah. we were so lazy that we took cab to tamp -.- i love tamp ,idk why? hahaha. and no ,eye-candying on guys is not th reason ,ok! :D i looked so selekeh w school uniform and oh ,i saw Zuraidi :D friends &myself did some shopping and went home. promised to meet again at tamp ,5:46pm. yes forty-SIX -.- hahaha. but ,guess what? at 5:50pm ,im still at home searching for th precious f'ship band that was given by my dear friend! ): haiyak. well ,tikah and gayya were also late (macam biasa juga ;P) Instead of meeting at tamp ,i went to meet yayah at bedok first and together ,we mrt-ed down to tamp. AND I SAWWW THAT HANDSOME BOY ; NAWARI :DDDD yay. tak percaya sehhh. and yup ,bumped into quite a number of familiar people at tamp and oh oh ,i saw Aip! (: after which ,headed off to paya lebar. karaoke-ed at Grandlink. hahaha. had our dinner at banquet and then ,took mrt to bedok. dudukduduk-ed at Garden Hill and did some math questions. kay done. swear ,today was wowed. i love my Gayya &Tayka ,like totally! (:

aisyah sama linaaa tak ikutttt ): haiyaaaak. hmphhhh. rindu mereka. da tuh ,tadapat jumpa imaaaan ,si cute tuh pulaaaa. sedihsedih i. tkpe ,nextime masih adaa. yay.


Monday, April 13, 2009 ♥

th guy next to me is FaizFauzan (: As you know ,today is th 13th of april. 130408 ; th date i first saw this guy at Seoul Garden :D which means ,ive known him for a year. heeeha. fauzan! let's celebrate? hahaha! :P and th picture was taken on th 14th of May 07. and yeah ,it has been so long since i last contacted/seen him. misses! &lastly ,Happy One Year of Friendship. takecare Fauzan. smile always. yeeeha.


Monday, April 13, 2009 ♥

after school ,spentime w those sweethearts on th picture ;D
&awww ,IMAN (lina's nephew) is sucha cuteyyyy ,i loike!

takecare &may peace be upon you readers. yay!

Monday, April 13, 2009 ♥


to be continued...


Sunday, April 12, 2009 ♥

this was supposed to be last friday's post but im updating this today. blablabla. currently ,im not in th mood. people in th house is making me angry and im so frustrated laaa please. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. i hate this. and again ,im crying )':

that 'fake kaseh' , just made another fake account of me at friendster. tak cukup eh buat tagged ,imesh ,msn? melampau ehhhhhhh. actually ,what do you want from me? beritahu kaseh laaaah? kesabaran ada tahapnya ,ok? some say ,maybe its because of jealousy? jealous of my life? tell you what ,i hate my life. i hate myself. i hate everything about me but still ,im thankful to be what i am now and to have what i have now. yes ,im th girl who always feel neglected ,lonely ,lack of attentions ,alot of flaws ,always feel th sadness and why ,why are you giving me more problems? why why? what do you get? satisfaction? haish. anyway! to whoever you are. are you gg to continue dirtying my name? what you get by flirting w those guys using my name ,talk about dirty things and worse ,get att w those guys?! and no wonder ,people keep asking me ,'kaseh ,how many boyfriends you got uh?' 'kaseh ,you change boyfriend real fast uh?' so ,are you happy now? what if you were me? think uh think.

anyway ,its already 3.25am right now. my eyes is swollen and i look so ugly. im tired but i can't sleep &there's school tmr ):

last friday ,i was out w zazai in th evening and met him at bugis. had our early dinner at tong seng. thanks for th treat ,zazai (: then headed off to tamp and bought birthday present for maman (: zaai ,cepat send gambar on friday! heeha.

after that ,met ARIFFFFF :D yay. im happy whenever i get to meet this tating boy ;P and guess what? im smiling right now cause im thinking of th times i was w him ; our laughters ,his nonsenses ,his irritating smiles/faces ,everything ,everything about him...

but ive made a v stupid decision. please hate me. im sorry. i miss you. ):

and oh! last friday night ,i was otp w someone (:

kaseh : siapa dia?
him : kekaseh.
kaseh : asal kekaseh?
him : suka hati i uh.
kaseh : asal suka hati u?
him : sebab hati i suka.

hahaha ,cute kaaan. but... okbye.