;i dont smoke/drink/club, thanks for passing by my blog (:

Being in a relationship now is just a temporary thing in life.

"You can forgive someone almost anything but you cannot tolerate everything.
We don't have to tolerate what people do just because we forgive them for doing it.
Forgiving heals us personally. To tolerate everything only hurts us all in the long run."

♡ I don't want to be th first cause there will be second and third, i want to be th only one ♡

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Tomorrow will always be a better day

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Saturday, May 30, 2009 ♥

hi, its 5:28am right now. heehuu ^^
im currently chatting/webcaming/on th phone w Khairulnizam (:

yay. ok im blank. bye.



Wednesday, May 27, 2009 ♥

im texting someone right now..

someone: saw your blog, sad seh. carik matair ah?
kaseh: my blog? when? cari matair? hahaha.
someone: yeah. go carik ah.
kaseh: um, tknk cari. nak dia dtg sendiri..
someone: dah dtg pon. haha.
kaseh: mana?
someone: sini! haha!
kaseh: sini tuh mana? haha!
someone: *his name!* huhu!
kaseh: *his name* tuh siapa? heehu ;P
someone: haiyo. *his fullname!*
kaseh: yang si handsome tuh ehh? (:
someone: handsome ke? hehe.
kaseh: handsome handsome ;P hehe.
someone: ah bedek! takde org suke *his name*!
kaseh: ah bedek! ada org suka *his name*!
someone: sapa?
kaseh: siapa siapa. mesti ada punyaa (:
someone: eheh, come ah become my gf. haha.
kaseh: woah, like tht eh ask? hahaha.
someone: hah, like u want. haha.
kaseh: like you want me to want. haha.

someone: if i want? hehe.
kaseh: what if you dont want?
someone: but i knw i want! yup! haha!
kaseh: haha, kaseh tk percaya!

*senyum tak hentihenti*


Wednesday, May 27, 2009 ♥

ive deleted my previous post so ignore it, alright? im okay (:

its just that,

1) i somehow feel unappreciated by someone. (zara, nadia &aida should knw who im referring to) 2) th past is still hurting me (like seriously) idk why. irritating, please. 3) am i back to th old me, giving hopes? no. i dont eh. 4) i feel lonely at most times. 5) sisterrrrrr? when she loves me, she really loves me. BUT! when she tend to ignore me, alamak i tell you, i really feel neglected you know. ):

i miss having a boyfriend. but i dont miss exboyf. haha, i sound so mean eh? no kan?


Friday, May 22, 2009 ♥

Theeqa here !

Had a great & wonderful time whenever i'm with my kasehsweetheart !
3days 2nights been sleeping at kaseh's house [:

Thanks bby ,fr being thr fr me .Today ,tmr & forever ; iloveyou kaseh ! ;as promised (:

Had some problems gg on & she's always thr fr me [:

Firstly ,met kaseh at bedok phonebooth around 1730 hours ,accompany her to go shengshiong at bedok interchange .

Need to buy some kitchen stuffs as were told by her mom. Okay ,was heavy carrying th plastic bags. Though ,we are strong ! We managed to carry th heavy plastic bags till we arrived at her house. Kan KasehBby ? heh !

First night ,kaseh was so much talkative! Okay ,MAJOR !
So many questions been asked By her ! okay ,kaseh KPO !
Ahaa !

Though ,had a great time together ,laughing happily [:
Hehheh !

Thanks bby , all my stress are gone .

Sleep at around 6am in the morning ; after we had so much fun & laughter together [:
Mind youu ,kaseh yg tidur dulu . Kambing nyaaa anak ! hahha !

Next morning ,woke upp in th afternoon ,around 1255hours ,take a bath & get ready ,kaseh's mom ajak go jalanjalan ,wheee~

had our lunch at haig rd [:

Walk walk at bedok inter & bck home.
Took some picture with kasehbby [:

okay , kaseh was NGADANGADA !
Ahaa !

Betul tak bohong !
ahaa !

Second night ,was totally fun too[:
Again ,kaseh yg tidur dulu !

betulnyaa kambing tuhh anak ehh !
ahaaa !

Though ,really had a great time kasehbby !
Wo Aii Nii !

Thanks B !

Seeing forward to spent time with youu again ! K b ?
iloveyouuuu ,dearest girlfriend !

okay, kaseh here! iloveyou too, dearest girlf; TIKO (:
had a fantabulous time w you, xoxo ^^


Tuesday, May 19, 2009 ♥

Nurul Jannah, th girl who has never failed to put a smile on my face :D whee!

No school today, so yay!

met Jana at bedok inter, 7am and we then proceeded to bedok gym. took cab -.- hahaha, case pemalas nak naik bus. so blablabla, changed and we exercised; treadmill, th cycle thingy, sit ups and etc. before starting, i was already like 'alamak, malasnya' and as usual, she'l scold me when i say th word 'lazy'. hehehehe.

went to bedok stadium, and w full of semangats, i said, "jay, yok lari?" and she was like, "yok!" and before reaching 1/5 of th stadium, i was already like, "alamak jay, aku macam malas gitu nak lari" and i was expecting her to say, "lari la, jangan malas laa kaseh" but no, she said, "aku punn malas". hahaha! yesss, i hate running th most -.- ah, today was really a tiring day. balik rumah je terus tidur -.-

after gym-ing.. took bus to bedok inter and as usual, went library and read magazines :D laughed at weird peoples, hahah and kept talking about next year. seriously, can't wait to study at ite, and say goodbye to secondary school. i cannot tahan w bedok south sec laa please. im sure that jana will pass her n levels and go to sec5. but i cant stop her from wanting to study at ite. as a friend, i want th best for her but nevermind; jana! yok jumpa pat ite nextyear! :D hehehe.

mulai hari ini, kaseh &jana telah berazam untuk jaga pemakanan dan banyak bersenam. mana tak nya, berat badan telah melebihi 50kg -.-

honestly speaking, i was expecting to see my 7-8 lovely girlfs today but, nevermind. dissapointed! hmph, but there's always nextime (:

i had a lovelyyyy day w my dearest jayjay :P yayyay*


Monday, May 18, 2009 ♥

today's plan of meeting zara, nadia &(nizam?) was canceled. i miss my Babyluplupszxc ): can't wait for th outing to Sentosa w them. gonna have much fun, i supposed. yay* pssst, tyqa please go, please baby! *sad face* &aido sayong, bilo mawo upload gambogambo(s) dari hapeh you? cepaaatz. hehehe.

um so today, i forced mum to go out with me. went marine parade library to return some books to aunt azmah. then off to parkway parade, yay! bought a new school bag and had lunch w mummy at banquet. swear ahhhh, i love my mum more than anything else. lovesloves.

whenever im out w mummy, some random people w smile at us and asked mum, "(point at me) your sister ah?"/"tuh adik eh". i was like bleah, do i look too old or mummy looks young? -.- hehehe.

but im proud to have sucha gorgeous mummy :P i love her eventho she nags alot -.- and there was one time when i was out w mummy and we bumped into her old friend. and her friend said..

mum's friend: "mala, lawa anak kau ni. siapa nama?"
mum: "kaseh"
me: *smile*

so, i happy laaaa cause mum's friend praised me kaan. then mum's friend continued...

mum's friend : "tapi kaseh, kau takboleh lawan mak kau, dia lagi lawa. dulu masih budakbudak, mak kau banyak peminaaat."

i was like, ohh maaan -________-
praised me already then say liddaaaat, terluka hatiku. huhu.

and mum gave me her cheeky smile -.- action eh! :P

they were right. i should keep myself busy to stay happy. i've tried, i've tried to ignore these pains. i've tried to pretend but im not good at pretending. after all had happened, i hope i wish, i deserve to be called, 'strong'. ive been saying that im a strong girl when actually, not. when will i stop tearing?



Sunday, May 17, 2009 ♥

oh yeaaah, met my Babyluplupszx :D but, not th complete us *sad face* its okay though, june holidays, we'l meeet. yayyay! sentosa ay sentosa. can't wait, please. i have to wait for like two more weeks? hmphhhhh. misssses!

causeway point, walkwalked. had my favourite, double choc (: then bus-ed to woodlands town garden, camwhored. accompanied aida to kfc and nadia likes that kfc boy :P hehehe. then, bus-ed to causeway point back and aida went home. left nadia, zara and myself. waited for nizam for like (20minutes?) then walkwalked around causewaypoint. he's so kecoh, please. but i think he's cute. looks like some korean actor. huhu. speaking of which, i miss my korean exboyfriend, Rain (: im not w him anymore, cause i was th one who dumped him. kay, prasann ~ tapi, rain cute ay. oh my, rain reminds me of er, aliffaziz? haha! okay shushh.

told my babyloves some of my problems. and wooh, im not th only one who has been wondering, why he has never blog about his outing w me on his blog. obviously, i was fooled all these while. dont lie to my friends that you still care about me, stop pretending. cause i guess, you've pretended too much. so enough (:

i guess, zara knows th reason why i dont wanna get attached for now. no, th reason is not because i still have feelings for him. (he's no more lingering on my mind) but there's a reason which i can't say it here. i feel so mean if i got attached w having that intentions. furthermore, im not interested anymore, you see. malay say, 'tawar hati'. yeah, haha!

met siti atikah nurulhuda at causeway point, 6plus. walkwalked. then off to library. talktalked, then went back to causeway point.

was hoping to bump into kawanbaru but idk how he looks like. so yeah, nyahahs. and as usual, i eye-candied alot. oh, nadia and nizam counted alot of (flying caps?) ahaha, th both of them so cute, can :D

and i so love today; th laughters and etc. meet again soon, babies! (: