;i dont smoke/drink/club, thanks for passing by my blog (:

Being in a relationship now is just a temporary thing in life.

"You can forgive someone almost anything but you cannot tolerate everything.
We don't have to tolerate what people do just because we forgive them for doing it.
Forgiving heals us personally. To tolerate everything only hurts us all in the long run."

♡ I don't want to be th first cause there will be second and third, i want to be th only one ♡

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Tomorrow will always be a better day

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Monday, July 27, 2009 ♥

thank god, im okay w my nizam already, met him yesterday. hope everything will be alright. hope th problem wont be repeating again. yes, nizam's changing for th better, i like :P

anyway, hello readers!

cold, im so cold. its gonna rain soon, i think? yup. it was raining heavily in th morning. i was sneezing in school, and now, im still sneezing. irritating, bah. and th teachers kept asking if im okay or not. andd th best part was, th aunty from drink stall asked me, "aiyo girl, you got h1n1 ah?" -.- ayayai.

its 4:54pm right now, just reached home from school. nlevel's malay oral was great. th reading and conversation was easy, yay for me! woohoo.

after beri salam to th both teachers, one of th two teachers said, "nama awak sama seperti cerita di sensasi tuh; nurkasih. awak tengok tak?" hahaha. anyway, she's really friendly. i like.

anyway, ive gained weight. bah. i hate this. *sad face*

i dont feel like going school tomorrow. ive planned to stay at home, huahuahua. initially, i was lazy but right now, im feeling so weak (since yesterday morning!) &my throat hurts. seeee, when i was having my english oral, i had a big ulcer on my tongue. (itu telah menyebabkan sebutan 's' saya menjadi sungguh pelat -.-) and malay oral, i was trying my best not to sneeze and yes, i didnt. but after i have ended my oral, i ahchooo all th way and now, my hingus (eeuww) like pipe air terbuka, gaaaah. irritating -.-

and tomorrow, yay! yayah &tikah will be coming over my place. yes, overnight! hehehe, comfirm kita bertiga tak tidur satu malam =P semangat ingin menyambut hari keharmonian kaum gitu, huahuahua. and there's night class tomorrow &my jayjay's not going w me tomorrow due to some reasons, winkwink =P jay, th reasons, you know i know, public dontknow eh! hehehe.

*looking outside th window* woooooo, its raining. im so cold. woooo, cuaca amat dingin ni, gah.

and oh, nenek keropok tu makin hari makin terkenal eh dia, wooo popular! mulamula, ceritanya disebarkan melalui mesej, sekarang sudah tertera di suratkhabar, whoaaaa.

anyway, thanks readers for tagging, i can't reply tags cause im rushing as sister needs her laptop back for now. much loves&misses! ^^


Sunday, July 26, 2009 ♥

hello readers, vampires, zombies and dinosaurs! khairunizam here. im here again, gaah. im here to say something to Kaseh Baby! now is the time for me to go public, and apologize to you in your blog. im sorry, i had to do this. even if its shameful. but i dont care cause on that day, i have made a fool out of you. made you feel dumb. made you feel aaahh, hating me. nvm for me, im changing. for you, i will. i know that sorry wont heal the pain that i caused you. i treated you bad, i control you and stuff. i admit that last time, i had a very very bad temper problem. with you, i have learned to tone it down. i dont know why that day, i saw you with your guy friends. i feel like blasting it to you. i did blast my top at you and i really regret it, baby. i shouldnt have said anything that could hurt your heart. im having trouble sleeping, always thinking about you. day by day, my love for you is growing. i know yours had stop because i done all this bad things to you. youre not happy with me, because i didnt give what you wanted. what you want is, a breakup ): i cant simply give it to you. i need you by my side always. im missing your voice call and text at night time. separation seems a sad crime. all of your love, was all that i needed. they may say some awful things, but theres no point in listening. im not going to look anywhere or anymore, you are what im looking for. i wanna say that, hello. i missed you quite terribly. now theres no place else, i could be, but here in your arms. from the first time i set my eyes upon yours. im thinking, oh, is it love? yeah, i knew it. thats why i dont wanna let you go even if i know that i have messed up. oh, baby. it's been hardly a moment, and you are already missed. i know that your heart may long for love that is more near. so, when I'm gone, these words will be here. to ease every fear. and dry up every tear. and make it very clear that i love you. baby, it’s been hardly three days. yet i long, to feel your embrace. there are several days yet until, i can see your sweet face. but when? i hope we can meet today, b ): i hope today if we ever get to meet, we will be holding hands. all our broken plans, i will mend. i will hold you tight so you know that i love you. i wont do things you hate, being control and stuff. at least for now, im trying my best to keep things right on track. sometimes, the last thing you want comes in first and sometimes, first thing you want never comes. i lovemiss you, baby. i hope you think that im not sweet talking or what. i really mean this. i lovemiss you, baby. tayang kaseh *inside joke* lastly, im sorry. muaah. to all the blog readers, byebye. takecare reader, vampires, zombies and dinosaurs! hop in my blog too! i love Kaseh! hmm, its 5.45am. im off. goodbye. btw, i love that picture siaa. Signed.. Sincerely Me, Khairunizam(:


Saturday, July 25, 2009 ♥

i spent my saturday night w dear family, yay. had dinner at teh tarik. before that, went ezzan's place, gave totis (ezzan's cat) foods. thought of going kak pauline's house (mummy's friend) to take sari from her, but th plan was canceled. actual plan; mum wanted to buy for me sari at little india but i think its not worth it cause i'l be wearing it for only a day; racial harmony.

pssst, i just realised that my mummy got dimple, v deeeep! *jealous*


Saturday, July 25, 2009 ♥

may happiness be w you, love. i love you and will always do.

let's meet up soon, i miss you veh veh much. hmph. ezzan tak sayang kaseh lagi!

have a wonderful day, *w much hugs and kisses to you*

ajar kaseh mathhhh. sayaaaaaaaaaang ezzan! ;D senyumsenyumselalu! ^^


Saturday, July 25, 2009 ♥

Chaaakchaaakchaaak! :D

hello dearest readers, how's life? must be really great, eh? hee hee.

its 2:22pm right now, just woke up. butttt, ive taken my shower already! i woke up early in th morning, (6.30am) accompanied my grandfather to polyclinic, yuppp his health check; once in three month. i was super sleepy i tell you. but yesss, i was being a sweetheart, a good granddaughter i should say? eh atuk eh? ehem! heee heee, =P

after which, had breakfast w my dearest atuk. walked home alone whereas my atuk went to, idk where? he asked me to go home first cause he wanted to meet his friends, i guess? yup, so i went home alone. reached home, sister was still asleep. i was bored and had nothing to do, it was still early, around 10am. soooo, i went to lalaland. booo.

yesterday's night class was nice, uh-huh. but my day wasn't great. bah.

dearest nuruljannah, th girlfriend who has always been there for me. th one who never fails to make me smile. and never fails to cheer me up when im down. love you, always.

ohhhhhh, that's haziqqqqqq, (:

haikel&radin; they changed my wallpaper to this picture, bah ha ha. korang ni eh :P

zyzybaby! send i gmbrgmbr pat handphone youuu! hee hee.

kay, met my jayjay at bedok int. boyfriend texted and said that he's at bedok. met him for awhile. he waited till my bus 14 came, then he went off. kay da.

i like th school part. my yayah came, yay. zyzy was there as well, yay. my tikaaaaah didnt come. bekkk. and all dearest guyfriends were there, yay. and thanks to those who taught me how to do th math questions and all eh. and haziqqqqq, ajar kaseh chemistry lah! bawa buku chem kay? hee hee. after revising and all, we decided to explore th school but th plan was canceled. bekkk. decided to go simpang. yaaaaat, thanks fr th bicycle ride! :D initially, i thought jayjay, zyzy, and nadhirah will be joining us as well, but nah ): i was th only girl but its alright, (: i like being w my guyfriends, they never failed to make me smile, hee hee.

i was a happy girl and suddenly my mood changeeeed. this reminds me of my past, like again. i wanted to spend my time w my friends, but its just that, bah. im speechless. i went simpang cause i wanted to eaaaaaaat. but youuuuu, oh my. you wont understand me. i just ordered my drink, and you came. talked to me and expect me to drink fast cause you wanna send me home and dont like me being w my friends? yes, you can say that i dont appreciate you. but think again, i have my night class. after night class, i wanna have my dinner. if you think youre hurt, i am more hurt, i tell you. you treated me likeee a woofwoof, that's all i can say. yes, i should appreciate you but how to appreciate you when you treated me that way? and in th end, sorrry is th word? love, sorry wont heal th pains youve caused me. i hate being controlled, fullstop.

i felt so dumb, yesterday. you called me when you and your friend were otw to th place where my friends and i sat. you asked if i see you or not. initially, i wasnt unsure. and you said to me, "you blind or what". hmmph.

why everything i do seems so wrong to you? or isit just that im th one who has been creating problems? oh my. idk. i hate you treating me this way.

my guyfriends, esp s & m ; thanks fr texting me and asked if im okay or not. dont worry, i'm alright, dearests (:

sometimes i think, its reaaaally true. being in relationship now is just a waste of time anddd it hurts, alot. period.

anywaaaaaaaaay, im going out w my parents and sister later, makanmakanmakan. yay!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009 ♥

hello dearest readers! yay. im updating my bloggg, hehe.

ive been mia-ing for th past few days, eh eh? nah, its just that i dont have th time to update my blog. ive beeen really busy. busy what? sleeping -.- bah! but seriously, ive been going to night class, prelim exams and bahhh, im in a rush now. its 4:50pm now. ive yet to take my shower, iron my school shirt and all. im meeting my jayjay at around 5:30pm, i think? yeaaa, theres night class later on. boo. as usual, after night class, going simpang? yeaaah. hopefully, im not th only girl again -.- anywaaaaaay, i got to go. enjoy looking at my pictures below! love ya'll. much misssssses! xoxo! ^_^

Friday, 10th july. bugis, then tampines w tikaaaaaah, yay! muaaah.

Wednesday, 22nd July. met my jayjay at her busstop at around 5.45pm. guess what? we walked to school. bah ha ha. then went bedok ria, saw hidayat, haziq, maman, haikel and ramadhan. walked to school w them. studied socialstudies w miss lin and miss huda. explored school for a few minutes. had dinner at simpang w th guyfriends. k, muah.

Friday, 17th July. Went night class. studied math &bio. explored school. simpang bedok-ed w dear friendszx.

Tuesday, 21'st july. went nyp, celebrated adywahyudy's (zyzy's boyfriend) birthday. canadian pizza-ed w ady's classmates. one of ady's classmate is my sister, aeynn. (see, got connection! haha.) met up w teerasayang and shariza for a few minutes (i miss teera! *hug!*) 3:00pm, sister went back to class whereas helmi, hasif, syahmeer and ady skipped class. by 4pm, zyzy and myself train-ed back to bedok. reached my place &changed. zyzy took 222 home, i train-ed to pasiris, met my love; nizamhot. thanks for th day, lovelies! anddd pssst, i love my boyfriend! hehehe.

Wednesday, 15th July. i didnt attend school. um, met nadia, zara, boyfriend and danial at tiong, around 5pm? found a place to sit. talktalked, and etc. sayang all, k muah!

Friday, 17th july. studied at national library w zyzy, sisAeynn, helmi, syahmeer &ady. yay, k muah!

Sunday, 19th July. "studied" at Terminal2, Macd. kay, i admit that i didnt study at all, winkwink ^^ we talked about th nenek keropok. most of you readers should know what im talking about, uh-huh? (i heard th nenek is now somewhere around jurong? boo!)

Monday, 20th July. after school, went tampines w zyzy. yay. muaaaah.

kaaay, nak gi maaaaandi. sayang&rindu semuanya! muaaaah.