;i dont smoke/drink/club, thanks for passing by my blog (:

Being in a relationship now is just a temporary thing in life.

"You can forgive someone almost anything but you cannot tolerate everything.
We don't have to tolerate what people do just because we forgive them for doing it.
Forgiving heals us personally. To tolerate everything only hurts us all in the long run."

♡ I don't want to be th first cause there will be second and third, i want to be th only one ♡

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Tomorrow will always be a better day

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Monday, August 31, 2009 ♥

above: yesterday's pictures! wheeee.

break fast w sheila, ct and shah were great. lovely people, whee whee! initial plan was to eat at mr teh tarik, but full. haiyaaak. so eat somewhere near joo chiat. bad service, kan sheila kan? kan ct kan? ayayaaai ~

after which, roamed around geylang bazaar. bus-ed to bedok and chilled at macd w dearest them. and yay, camwhored ^_^

and ohh, i love shah! sheila, nak meet shah lagi boleeh? dia comeeeel :P

and someone texted and said that imma liar cause i didnt tell him that im out w a guy. ah ye la, kaseh penipu. kaseh kua nan laki lain, yg berumur lima tahun. bah. -.-

thanks fr th day lovelies, meet again soon. loveloves, *hugs*

kay, im going out to geylang bazaar after maghrib today w dearest sweethearts; sisaeynn and cousinezzan. sumpah, kaseh hari ini pakai selekeh, huak.


Monday, August 31, 2009 ♥

above: last friday's pictures, ^_^

and todaaaay? something bad happened to me in morning. stomachache, ayayai. im sorry hairul for canceling th plan. yes, was supposed to go study w hairul in th morning but bah, nextime alright? if youre too busy, wait till my n's over, we go out! yay yay. um and im sorry zaai cause i cant make it today. im really sorry, ): i have my reasons, errm.

okaaaay, im so hungry now. bila nak buka ni?

and oh, will update about yesterday soon, break fast w sheila, ct &shah ^_^


Sunday, August 30, 2009 ♥

its 6am in th morning now.

i just finished reading annadiana's and zyzybaby's blog. guess what? i cried. yes, tears rolled down my cheeks. i dont know why im being too emotional right now. kaseh crybaby, no shame, boo. -.- i dont know what's th sad thing that made me teared. their love story, maybe? i think so. or maybe it reminds me of my love story?

i now then realised that life is difficult. and if i could go through those difficulties, i am not a loser. yes, a winner in life. but now, i was a winner for a short period of time, and then im back to my ownself, a loser, always been.

ive been lying to people and to myself. only god knows th real me. honestly speaking, i dont even know th real me. i dont know what has got into me? im weird, i feel so weird. is this th last day of my life? choy, touch wood touch wood, hah!

ive been rejecting guys' love but before that, i somehow gave hopes to them. well, its time for me to admit all these. but seriously, when i was giving hope, i never realise those cause my intentions was just to make friends and being friendly, like seriously. but in th end, everything went wrong and i just dont know how it happened. my bad, seriously. blame me, all you can. but im sitll thankful that guys could still forgive me and some still want to wait for me. it makes me feel guilty, sometimes. but i cant stop them from loving me. im bad, that's why sometimes i never admit when one says that im nice. wait, am i really bad? hate taggers, answer me, am i really bad that you think im so bad? imma human being, i make mistakes too. and now, i guess, ive realised my mistakes, do i deserve a second chance? haters, do i deserve a second chance? oh my god, i just feel like saying sorry to everyone whom ive hurt, or to whoever ive done wrongs to. ive been saying this for quite a number of times and feel like saying it again; i cant please anyone, i cant make everyone happy.

i feel like turning back th time and wanna be single w no ex! but no, i never regretted knowing hairul in my life. i loved him so much that at times, it makes me hate him. yes annadiana, i feel th same way you felt. maybe ady's not in your heart anymore. good for you, you have somehow moved on. but me? why is it so hard for me? it makes me cry whenever i think about my first love. guys said that im playing hard to get but why th one that i wanted so much, left me? well, he has his reasons, i know that. why must he ignored me? again, he has he reasons. but why cant he treat me like how other guys treat me? why is it always like this? th one that i wanted so much is not into me. and th ones who had given all his heart to me eventhough got rejected are th ones who are into me?

i was finding something and ah, its lost. nevermind, i'l search for it and will post about it soon.

but my second ex, he's nice too. i loved him. yes loved. and now, i want him to be happy without me. nizam, never said that you cant move on. you will and trust me, you'l be happier without me. everyone says im bad cause i know, it was my mistake as i was th one who wanted to go away from your life. i cant blame anyone for ruining my relationship cause everything that has happened, i was th one who made th decisions.

why is life so unfair? i know, its not th time for me think of all these as i have many other important things to think of, but this is a matter of feelings and this will actually affect my everday life, and im afraid that this will stop me from being a cheerful and happy girl. i have always wanting to be a very happy girl without having to fake a smile but that seems to never happen.

why cant i love someone else who can love me better than how hairul used to love me? i never had th answer for that cause its a difficult question. only my heart knows th reason why and my heart was taken on a very special date and he has yet to return it back to me. okay, that part was nonsense -.- how could i still be alive without having a heart? oh maybe im living w his heart cause he once told me that his heart will always be w me? aww. bah bah bah, ):

okaaaaay, why is it so difficult for me to move on? maybe because he understands me. he was almost perfect to me. he has everything that i wanted eventhough he nags alot. and and and, what i love th most about him was that he pampered me alot. ): kay, im crying again now. everyone, boo at me, imma pathetic crybaby ): boo sama kaseh, boo sama kaseh -.-

no guys pamper me. i repeat, no guys pamper me, other than hairul, -.-

kay, let me close my face now and say this, hairul.. will you be there for me when im in need of you? am i still there, somewhere in your heart? or not even in your mind anymore? ):


Sunday, August 30, 2009 ♥

hello dearest readers.

i changed my mind of having a private blog. i dont blog there anymore. so yup, im sorry that i cant invite you readers as im gonna delete th blog soon (:

i dont need a blog to let out my feelings. let me keep all th feelings to myself. so i shall just continue sharing my daily life to you guys in this blog, do you readers realise that i have never change my blog url? ha ha ha. random ques; why some of you guys keep changing url eh? rajin gitu, kaseh pemalas, hee hee.

i dont know why i feel so lonely. i miss having a boyfriend. er, did i just said that? -.- ayayai. but i dont need a boyfriend to complete me. having girlfriends, dearest cousin and sister, lovely family, lovely ladyfriends and guyfriends are enough for me. but but, will they always be there for me?

and if i were to have a boyfriend, will problems come again like how i had when i was w my two exboyfriends?

th firstime i got attached was in th year of 2007. second time, 2009. well, th third time will be on th 2011! winkwink^^ woaaah, like real only kaseh. kaseh, who wants you? haa haa haa.

naaah lah, im just not interested in having anyone special in my life for now. family and friends complete me and im thankful to have them, thanks lovelies! (:

okay, this gonna be abit harsh to some of you guys. im sorry if i were to offence any of you, no bad intentions. but but, i just wanna make things clear. please please, dont put high hopes on me, thank you very much. im sorry if i seem to be giving you guys hope but my intention was just to make friends and be friendly. i cant possibly say no when you guys wanna know me better or in malay, berkenalan. call me bad, call me heartbreaker, call me whatever you want or whatever you like, im used to it ):

i know ive been receiving hate tags, one of th hate taggers said yang kaseh step power dengan lelaki? nonsense, please. -.- and what's wrong w me taking pictures w my guyfriends? why must you guys keep insulting and hate tagging me? have i done anything wrong to you? if you hate looking at my pictures or hate th way i am, just leave me alone and you dont have to comment bad things about me. and if you think im not as pretty as you, remember, god created us. so dont insult god's creation. thank you very much. sembayang lah sebelum anda disembayangkan, kay no link. ha ha ha -.- so, is there anything else that you hate taggers are not satisfied w me? ada juga hate taggers yang terlibatkan nizam dalam hal ini? -.- sengaja nak cari sebab untuk hate tag kaseh? adui. just tell me what mistakes have i done to you? steal your boyfriend eh? ha ha ha. nah, im not th type who steals someone else's sweetheart. even how close i am w my guyfriend and when i got to know he's finally attached, i'l try to stay away from him, trust me. dont believe? you can ask my kbs, or maybe some of my guyfriends. i would rather be hated by my guyfriend for being arrogant by ignoring him than to still be closed w him when he's already attached cause when im attached, i want my boyfriend not to have close ladyfriends. got me? maybe that's not a good thing but by doing that, im not being self-centered, you see. hmm. nevermind, its okay if you guys dont understand what im blabbering about right now.

kaaaay, its 4:57am right now, macam nak sahur gitu pastu solat subuh. nak tahu tak, sudah empat hari kaseh puasa tapi tak pernah sahur. there's a reason, i so sad, sobsob. boo.


Saturday, August 29, 2009 ♥

was out to nenek's house. nenek's nasi lemak, very delicious! wheeeeeeeee.

and oh, after which cabbed down to geylang. yup, geylang bazaar w sister and mummy. bah, havent decide for this year's baju raya -.- mum asked me to decide and i say white. mum said no cause i very selekeh, later cepat kotor -.- and mum say no to pink cause she's sick of th colour cause i love pink so much and she said that most of my clothes are pink -.- sampai hati jelak dan menyampah dengan warna merah jambu, wekkk ): um sooo, black? turquoise?

geylang bazaar this year, one word; mundane! but okay okay la, hakhakhak.

and tomorrow, im going geylang again w dearest sheila and ct, breaking fast w them. yay, geylang again (: if you readers going geylang tomorrow, yay! see you around then, senyumsenyum kay. wheee.

mon - maybe gg out, yet to be comfirmed. date eh ni ni ni? haha! geylang bazaar?
tues - no plans.
wed - break fast w zyzybaby. yuupp, dating. winkwink^^ geylang bazaar!
thurs - break fast w sweethearts; sisaeynn &cousinezzan. geylang bazaar!
friday - break fast w girlfriendszxz; not comfirm who going. geylang bazzar!
sat - no plans.
sunday - no plans.

bump bumps bumping bumped, yabedabedu! ^_^

this week, went and going geylang for three days straight; friday, saturday and tomorrow! whee.