;i dont smoke/drink/club, thanks for passing by my blog (:

Being in a relationship now is just a temporary thing in life.

"You can forgive someone almost anything but you cannot tolerate everything.
We don't have to tolerate what people do just because we forgive them for doing it.
Forgiving heals us personally. To tolerate everything only hurts us all in the long run."

♡ I don't want to be th first cause there will be second and third, i want to be th only one ♡

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Tomorrow will always be a better day

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Monday, August 10, 2009 ♥

let me make things clear. im sure you readers have been reading my ex's blog. initially, i too think that he's not giving me th chance to move on w life, without him. yes, its never easy for me to forget someone like him. he's nice, almost perfect and he has everything that a girl wants. ive been trying so hard to forget him. ive been trying so hard to stay strong, without him.
im glad that some of you readers undertsand me. one of those is riqa.
riqa syg, riqa benarbenar faham situasi kaseh walaupun riqa hanya mengenal kaseh melalui blog. kaseh beruntung mempunyai kwn seperti riqa. apa yang riqa tag hairul di blognya semuanya benar, terimakasih riqa. kaseh sayang riqa (:

eventhough it hurts me real bad being ignored and left by him, i know i am never forgotten by him. im sorry hairul for all th mistakes ive done to you. i was a bad girlf and you were a good boyfriend to me, thanks for everything. i know its a little too late to undertsand everything. you have your own reasons for leaving me. i loved you so much that it broke my heart to know that you'l leave me, for a very long period of time. im sorry that i have to move on w other guy whom i thought, he'l make me happy. but sadly, even w my new love, there's still a place for you in my heart. i know you still care, but its your decision to leave me. i have experience enough of th moments of extraordinary poignancy. yes, enough of being in th state of deeply felt distress and sorrows.

i never stop crying whenever i think about us, even right now.

they say we're th most perfect couple. but we have to accept th fact that everything's over. im sorry, i have to forget everything about you. i have my new love, goodbye. yes, nizam's my new love.


im sorry that things have to be this way. im sorry for hurting you. im sorry, im sorry for all th bad things ive done to you. im sorry, im sorry. i know, sorry wont heal th pains ive caused you, im sorry. i dont know why is it so hard for you to let me go even after knowing my bad attitude. ive been throwing tantrums to you. i know you hate my moodswings, but i cant change that attitude. why you still wanna be w me, why? what so good about me that you dont wanna leave me? i'd be lying if i say i dont love you, or dont care about you anymore. w that, i dont want you to be hurt anymore. th only way to stop you from getting hurt is that you have to leave me. imma bad girlf. yes, you have changed for th better. i appreciate that. when i first know you, you were a serious guy, hot-tempered, youre not loving, you treated me quite badly (sorry for saying that) but now, youve changed. youve been so nice to me eventhough i keep hurting you. you love and you care for me, i love you for that but i know, you feel unappreciated, im sorry for that my dear love. when one day i really have to go, i hope you'l undertstand me; its for your own good, my own good, our own good. trust me, your life will be much better without me. i hate myself for hurting a nice guy like you. and i have never regretted being w you. and when i say i love you, its never a lie. love, please understand me. one day, you have to let me go. please.

and they say im not faithful. if what they are all true, why are you still w me? im a girl w alot of flaws, why are you still w me? im bad. im sorry for all th wrong things ive done to you. i dont deserve your love, love.


youre th sweetest who never failed to make me melt whenever youre near me. your voice melts me. your cuteness, your dimple makes me go gugugaga. but they say i should not trust you, they say youre just sweetalking, they say if we happen to be together, you'l be th one who'l leave me for sure. initially, i too think that way, but everything changed cause youre th one who makes me happy, always put a smile on my face. you told me that you'l never find another love for im th only one you want. its been two years. i was your mere fan. then, i admire you. then, i like you. and now? i care for you. yes, i know ive been playing hard to get. and you used to get irritated when i dont reply your text messages or never pick up your calls. i was gugugaga-ing when i first saw you. you smiled at me, you talked to me. and from that day, youve been always on my mind. and after some time, i hated you due to some misunderstandings. we've been lost contact for two/three times and we met again. and recently, we met again and started to get in contact back. two years, too many things had happened. now we're getting closer and closer. you asked, what would i do if people were to see us together and started to insult th both of us. definitely i'l ignore them and i wont get embarassed. and now, idk what will happen next. some promises have been made. and you told me that you keep a folder of our pictures in your phone, and th folder's name, "kasehmydream"? idk if you know that i saw th folder's name. but is that true or untrue? idk why it is never easy for me to trust guys. furthermore, people keep saying that im just another girl whom youre fooling around w. it hurts but i hope what they say are not true cause i trust you more. thanks for loving me, dearest.


im just letting out my feelings. dont tag bad things about me. im just expressing th truth here. oh my, please understand. people, read and go alright? thanks and sorry. muah.