;i dont smoke/drink/club, thanks for passing by my blog (:

Being in a relationship now is just a temporary thing in life.

"You can forgive someone almost anything but you cannot tolerate everything.
We don't have to tolerate what people do just because we forgive them for doing it.
Forgiving heals us personally. To tolerate everything only hurts us all in the long run."

♡ I don't want to be th first cause there will be second and third, i want to be th only one ♡

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Tomorrow will always be a better day

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009 ♥

i feel like blogging cause im bored right now, super bored. what's th point of having a blog when i don't use it to let out my feelings right? it's not only to update about th outings. well, that's my opinion.

gah, im having migraine now on my left part of head and it hurts alot.

its 5.29am right now. i slept at 8.30pm yesterday and woke up around 12.30am. so it's gonna be impossible for me to sleep any sooner. and bah, im going sis's chalet later. i dont know whatime i'm meeting zyzybaby. initial plan was to go to th chalet yesterday but th plan was canceled. ergh, should have gone out to bugis w ain glamourmeow and babyfee, eh ain eh? misses. nevermind, there's always a nextime (:

what else to update?

oh, i want to go school. i want to go school. mummy, i want to go school. i want to wear school uniform. i dont want to go around using adult ezlink card -.- my friends will be starting school soon and me? rot at home like what like that ): i regretted for not applying january intake. dumbdumb, me. and i donthink i'm going for april intake, either! what a waste!

i got alot of resolutions for 2010. hehehheeheehheheheh. it's all on my mind now, i dont want to type out here later you all say, "kaseh cakap tak serupa buat", sopak kang -.-

i'm missing many people right now. honestly, im lazy to reply chatango offline messages but trust me, i will reply as soon as possible (:

town this wednesday, girlfriends? make sure jadi taaaaaaaaaaaau, muah.

By th waaaaaay, Happy fourth month of friendship to my one and only, Happy Meal :D yabedabedoo! nohss!w.

time checked: 7:01am. nak meet happymeal, koko and kiki at lalaland! tatatititutu.


Sunday, December 27, 2009 ♥

Hello lovely readers!

looook! time flies real fast, right?! (:

Its th 27th of dec today! Happy 20th Anniversary, dearest mum and dad. i love th both of you, equally. well, i spent my day at home today. mum cooked mee rebus, oh so delicious! th plan of having dinner outside was canceled cause dad had to go work today. last forever and may happiness will always be w us, insyallah. i love my family (Y)

i know that i've not been updating my blog and also, i've not been replying my chatango offline messages. sorry for that. will be replying soon, i promise!

but its okay, i got to watch singapore idol at home. i wanted sezairi to be th next singapore idol. i wanted it to happen so much and yay, he's th singapore idol 2009 now. i like sylvia too, but i'd prefer sezairi to be th next singapore idol due to some reasons. well one of th reasons is.. all the three singapore idols are malay guys. sorry, i'm not being racist (: congrats, sezairi! you're so cute ^^

few days to go.. 2010 will be coming soon. i'm gonna be very busy on th 2010 due to some reasons and nah, not schooling at th moment i guess? ahahaha. and somehow, i think i am missing 2007 and 2008, i told you.. th past will never stop haunting me.

i'm single and very happy right now. i've moved on. th pasts were th bittersweet memories. i admit that at times, th pasts do haunt me.. but.. i believe that time will heal everything.

and oh, th guy i fall in love recently. yup, that mysterious guy. he's gone. people come and go, right? it's a normal thing. i dont think that i should keep on clinging into something that im not sure of.. so i guess, its better for me to be th one saying goodbye. looks like he dont care at all, ah-huh? so, i am really sure that i made th right decision! i dont care if he's gonna hate me or what, he's one of my sweetest memories too (:

someone from my pastttttt sent me a message on facebook.

someone: HEY SILLY GIRL! DID YOU JUST SAY GOODBYE TO SOMEONE AGAIN? GAAAHH (again? i say goodbye to many people ke? haha)
someone: WHY!?! TOT YOU LOVE HIM?
kaseh: cause im silly hahhahahaha
someone: You always are. hahahaha XD wei org msg tak reply.. takpe uh majuk uh taknak msg lagi uhhh hmph!

hahahaha, kaseh sillygirl? silly sangat la kan. bahaaha.

anyway, i'm going sister's chalet w zyzybaby on tuesday. overnight there, i guess? then on wednesday, there's an outing w th girlfriends and some guyfriends. goingggg town and watch movie, yippie wee.

i'l update my blog whenever i'm free, okay? dont stop reading! loveloves ^^


Sunday, December 27, 2009 ♥

25th's outing was a blast!
 awesome, fantastic, bombastic, fun, great, amazing, merriment, enjoyable, pleasurable and etcetera! :D

well, i was hoping for a complete girlfriends outing but its okay. three girls were missing from th above picture. there's always a nextime for a complete outing, yes? *smile*

well, arguments did happened. but that wont stop us from having fun, right jana lina ifa muny shaf faez man? :D

anyway, nuruljannah sixteenth birthday's celebration was well spent. it was totally awesome, i tell you. th plan was really a last minute one so i hope those who didnt come would understand th real situation. we never had th intention to keep on changing plans. ifa, lina and me.. being th planner, it's not as easy as you thought. not trying to talk about th matter again, but just wanna tell you that money is not th matter, th presence is what we needed th most (:

right now, i would like to wish happy sixteenth birthday to my lovely nurul jannah. may happiness be w you, love. you're finally sixteen. what a wow, hehe. i hope our friendship will stay strong, as always. i will be missing th greatimes we had. especially those laughters. you're th one that never failed to cheer me up :D thanks, i love you and will always do. remember that! *hugs and kisses*

okay, now i shall continue sharing w you readers about th 25th outing. well, initially.. we planned at sentosa then to eastcoast but end up, at marina barrage! so what if th place is boring, but being w th love ones.. it will definitely be a great one. i know lina's gonna agree w me! right linaaaaa? ^^

and th poster was made last minute! th 'happy birthday jannah' was written by muny. th 'from, semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki, may our friendship last forever' was written by me. th sticker and th pictures were pasted by lina. and th pictures were printed by nurse boy; luqman hakeem :P and th board and marker was bought by ifa. okay, credit goes to th names mentioned. winkwinks!

we purposely wore th same colour and wanted jannah to be th odd one ^^ and yup, reached marina barrage around 7plus at night. faez, maman and shafrizael was there to meriah kan suasana as well, yippie wee wee! thanks for comingggg, dear ones!

i love 25th, much. after which, planned to go marina square but masa tak mengizinkan so.. we trained to bedok and chilled at bedok adventure park. bedok adventure park eh namanya? boleh la eh. played old maid, hee he. birthday girl became th old maid ehh, huak.

before that, people in th trained were irritated by our laughters -.- whatever gitu kaaaan, baha. okay perhaps, we'll hit th town next weeeek. yippie wee wee. it will be on wed, i guess? i hope all my seven girlfriends will tag along. missses! and much loves (Y)

unexpectedly, i saw someone *cheeky smile*