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Being in a relationship now is just a temporary thing in life.

"You can forgive someone almost anything but you cannot tolerate everything.
We don't have to tolerate what people do just because we forgive them for doing it.
Forgiving heals us personally. To tolerate everything only hurts us all in the long run."

♡ I don't want to be th first cause there will be second and third, i want to be th only one ♡

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Tomorrow will always be a better day

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Sunday, February 28, 2010 ♥

th sweet girl next to me is Najihah, my classmate for maths and malay class (:

i did tweeted that i was late for malay class yesterday. well, it's at bishan and it starts at 2pm every saturday. i went out from home at around 1:15pm and so that was th reason why i was late. class kat bishan, tinggal kat bedok abih keluar rumah kul 1:15pm. from bishan inter to ite bishan took me 15mins to walk, gaaah. i slept late yesterday, i only had 4hours of sleep ):

class ended at 5pm. trained w Najihah, she dropped at bugis and i dropped at pasiris. i went to meet my sisAeynn. initial plan was to study but no, nothing really absorbed in my head. sisAeynn did studied and me? i laid my head on th table and fell asleeeep. zZzz.

i ate alot todaaaaaay. im currently craving for donutsss! i changed my mind of wanting to diet and losing 5kgs. it will never happen! you know why? my family wont understand! everytime i wake up, when mum's not at home, grandaddy will buy breakfast for me. breakfast ialah nasiiii, banyak pula tuh. bukan nasi aja, got kuihkuih jugaaa :O then when mum's home, she'll cook delicious foods. makanan semua kes mengemukkan ):

how to lose weight, you tell me? after night class, i'l bus home and drop at interchange. to go home, i have to walk pass mcd. you see laa, macam tempting kan nengok mcd! then i will have th urge to buy twister fries and mc chickeeeen D:

i get stress up very easily and when i'm stress, i tend to eat alot. seeeeeee, i can never lose weight. asyikasyik gain aja, benciiiiiiiiiiii tawu tak? D:

ah, i havent do my english homework yet! tomorrow is english class and it's at ite simei. ah, ezlink has no credit liao, ergh. bukubuku belum beli. menyusahkan hidup orang laaa ni semua. da la, bye.

assalammua'laikum waramatullah hiwabarakatuh.

Sunday, February 28, 2010 ♥

hiii, i shall now update about last friday! ;D

well, i was out w my sisAeynn on that very day and wooooo, i went shopping at cotton on. spent almost a hundred there and obviously.. i'm... about to be cashless soon. have to wait till 5th to receive kachingzzz from mummeh );

i just realised that parkway has changed alot. like wow gitu. and cotton on is way bigger now compared to th previous one, fastfood restaurants is combined, very nice gitu.

what else? oh yup, after shopping at parkway cotton on and had lunch at kfc, we then bused to tampines. went to popular, i wanna buy that boook, cost $48. mahaaaaal but it looks interesting. ayayaaai.

then went to isetan, eh got sale! like wow gitu kan, and then went cotton on and guess what? i shopped again. th feeling was like, is-a-must-to-buy. haha. and i want that denim jacket at cotton on parkway, $59! ); i wanttttttttttt.

then headed to tamp one rooftop and camwhored :B i love my kakak, thanks for th day, sisAeynn (Y)

more pictures at facebook. pssssst, im not in th mood now, bah. bye.

assalammua'laikum waramatullah hiwabarakatuh.

Sunday, February 28, 2010 ♥

Thursday was a very tiring day cause i had to wake up early, 7am. i only had 2hours of sleep before waking up that early, you know! then had to go arab st, umar drove me there. reached there around 9plus, and then, they did th shootings and all. my part was to be umar's new girlfriend, yup that's all. had to do th handsign. eh wait, not handsign, it's called th 'piakings'. hahahaha.

i was homed by few minutes to 2pm. cheched facebook, replied facebook comments, and then.. packed my bag and out, trained to bishan. lunched at kfc alone. a chinese man shared table w me since kfc was packed at that point of time so yup, i gave him th permission and obviously, i was eating and macam tak kena gaya gitu but i just kept myself cool and makan dengan muka selamba. oh, and he asked if i'm local or not? -.-

i managed to go ite bishan, tk sesat, yay kan! mhmm, saw quite a number of familiar faces there. oh, i reached there very early, around 5:30pm. daa kenapa gitu kaaaaaan, awal naah -.-

history class, woah many old people eh! around 40plus going 50 gitu th age, ayayai. i sat next to an apek, baha. i talktalked w him during break time. hahaha. oh yup, i got a nice classmate for history class too, Riah's th name (:

history classssssss, nothing absorbed on my head cause i was totally sleepy and fatigued. 

trained to bedok and i saw a tall guy, yup he's goodlooking.. so yup, i did glanced at him. guess what? he realised. okay, about he realising was th climax, bleah. kaykay let's start all over again. so this guy boarded th train from bugis. he was standing next to me and i looked at him through th reflection. then reached bedok, he dropped at bedok too. so we went down th escalator together and he talked to me, yes he did. i was like.... er? hahha, lost of words gitu.

him: mhm, are you kaseh?
me: er, yes. how you know me?

and th conversation went on. he told me that i was his msn friend and th lastime we chatted was like two years ago. wooo. alamum, kaseh pernah chat dengan si tinggi handsome ni rupanyaaaaaaaaa, two years ago oi, mana kaseh ingaaaat lagi -.-

 i was wondering how he still remembers me, so i asked and his replied was.... secret! hehe, i was so touched, dont want to tell la :P and yup, walked home w him, took a longer route. suddenly, he felt so tired and decided to cabbed me home. padahal dekat aja tau, ^^ he's staying somewhere around bedok too, so yup.. my day was tiring but still, i did smiled at th end of th day (:

oh yup, he asked... "were you looking at me justnow? i saw through reflection tau!" hahhahaha.

reached home and went lalaland :B

i'l update about friday and saturday soon, perhaps tomorrow. i cannot tahan already, my eye painpain. i want to sleepsleep, nak go lalaland and dreamdream. nightnight, loveloves.

below: th shiok sendiri pictures before i was out from homeeee, lihat laaa. bahaa.

assalammua'laikum waramatullah hiwabarakatuh.