;i dont smoke/drink/club, thanks for passing by my blog (:

Being in a relationship now is just a temporary thing in life.

"You can forgive someone almost anything but you cannot tolerate everything.
We don't have to tolerate what people do just because we forgive them for doing it.
Forgiving heals us personally. To tolerate everything only hurts us all in the long run."

♡ I don't want to be th first cause there will be second and third, i want to be th only one ♡

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Tomorrow will always be a better day

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Friday, February 27, 2009 ♥

Why Don't You Love Me The Way I Loved You
It Feels So Crazy Cause I Dunno What I Did To You
If You're Gonna Hurt Me Then Do It Quickly
Cause I'm Tired Of Cryin If You Don't Wanna Stick Around
Then Baby Forget About Me ,Forget About Me

Don't take too long to say I love you to the ones you love
Cause time has a habit of slipping away And out on a clear blue sky
When lightning strikes on a sunny day Just take me in and keep me from the rain

And the words that seem so hard to say Come out when you've gone away
Just stay a little while and hear me say

That I want you here tonight And I need you by my side
For just one more moment For just one more moment with you

Turn away to say goodbye With each and every word that passes by
Like a distant memory And time keeps slipping away
And time will turn to grey And time will be the one who holds you down

Sometimes time will treat you bad Before you even know what's wrong
And in the end it hits you hard Please tell me you'll be strong

Telah jauh terpisah diriku dan dirimu ,dalam ruang dan waktu
Sendiriku jalani sepiku tanpa dirimu ,resahku tanpa hadirmu
Sungguh berat hatiku merasakannya

Salahku mencintai dirinya saat jauhku terpisah darimu
Dan hadirnya menyentuh hatiku ,mencintainya
Hatiku menginginkannya ,hingga runtuh setiaku kepada dirimu

Kusakiti hatimu yang tulus mencintaiku

Maaf ku tak bisa memilih dirimu karena ku terhanyut mencintai dia
Inilah salahku yang memberi ruang di dalam hatiku tuk mencintainya

May peace be upon you.


Thursday, February 26, 2009 ♥

didnt attend school and i love today's weather ,sejuk oi! ; was raining heavily :D

went makan at Macd w Imraan &Zul.
and by 7plus ,imraan had to go home, so yup.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009 ♥

was super sleepy in school but i managed to endure. thankfully ,i got to sleep for a few minutes during assembly ,which was during th last period.

that someone was not seen in school. terribly missing him.

mum called ,she wanted to meet me at tamp. but th plan was canceled. and yeah ,met a friend at tamp library and we headed off to makaaan :D we had chicken rice and durian ice kacang. tak habishabis nan ice kacang dia tuhh -.-'

th weather was so nice ,so cooling and since i didnt sleep for th whole night ,i actually was asleep for like idk how long ,my friend knows (: 20minutes? tapi tidur mcm lama taau. hahha. he is so bad laah please ,he disturbed me while i was sleeping but i tidur mati so tak sadar. jahat betul ni anakkk -.-' hehheh!

as time goes by ,th rain was getting heavier and omg ,i was really cold ,i tell you! we were shivering but im stronger than him ,so th cold is nothing to me! hehh *action laah pula.

somehow ,we got caught in th rain and i feel so sick right now. nantuk lagi takmaya lah pula. hmph. anyway ,katakbotakk! thanks for th great day ,and please ,i dont bully you. youre one who bullied me. hehheh. chickeeeeeeeeeen ,you!

took 69 to bedok inter. thought of taking 17 home but takjadi cause i saw my kawanbaik yang da lama menghilang. okay ,i was th one yg menghilang ,actually (: since we stayed near ,walked home w him. hahha.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009 ♥

this post should be on th date of 25th ,but who cares im posting it on 24th ,still. hehe ,cause i started to blog before 12midnight but its already 3:35am rightnow and im at my cousin's place and yes ,i will still be going to school tomorrow ,not gonna absent myself again. study hard ,kaseh (: and ,i just had a can of redbull justnow. i still have another can to drink before going to school. yup ,im planning not to sleep. and that's it ah ,will be sleeping in class later on ,i suppose? haa. kata je nk study hard ,semangat dua minit ah kaseh :P hehehe.

i'm Kaseh and i love my cousin ,♥Amalina aznizan (:


can problems stop being an obstacle in my life?! i had enough of being so stressed.
please ,problems! leave me aloneeee. adui ~


Tuesday, February 24, 2009 ♥

picture was taken in th morning ,haaaa ~

anyway! school was as per normal and oh! i got 10/10 for malay listening compre
and 26/30 for malay common test. heh!

math science eng marks? dont ask ahhhh ,no hope already. ok byeeee!

after school ,slacked at canteen w my guyfriends. after which ,bus-ed to bedoksouth
area there and slacked w zaiii. by 3.30pm ,zaiii had to attend his tuition class. so yeah.

reached home and theres nothing much i can do. feeling so mundane.
oh ,i wrote something on a paper and here it is ;

Senyumanku pudar saat kau meninggalkanku
lalu dia datang memberiku kebahagiaan
kau kembali lagi mengingatkanku dengan masa lalu
aku pula meninggalkannya tanpa berperasaan

Ku fikir dia akan memahami
namun ku tersalah mengerti
dia hanya mementingkan diri sendiri
cara perbualannya amat menyakiti

Kau selalu datang dan pergi
jika kau tidak menginginkanku lagi
dan aku tidak lagi bertahkta di hati
pergilah engkau jangan kembali


Tuesday, February 24, 2009 ♥


may happiness be w you and i'l always be loving you.
and gayya syg ,may each day be a nice and wonderful one for you.
thanks baby for being a great girlfriend. i sayang you.


Monday, February 23, 2009 ♥

*you were there to light my day you were there to guide me through
when our days were down and out i'll never stop thinking of you

how can i forget all that when you're the one who make me smile
you'll always be a part of me how i wish you were still mine

never will forget the day how we've met and gain this far
eventhough we got this feeling but somehow *it has to end up here
*we know its me who said goodbye and thats the hardest thing to do
*coz you mean so much to me and thats the truth for me to you

for all the things i've done and say for all the hurt that i've cost you
*i hope you will forgive me baby coz that wasn't what i meant to do


im sorry ,forget about me and i'l get lost.
&if only you understand me...


Monday, February 23, 2009 ♥

after school. went detention for late coming. i reached home and get ready to go out.
met ♥dearest tikah at tamp inter and yes! saw that katakbotak. and he called me gendut. katakbotak betuuul! hehheh ,suara kaseh ,rock ehhhhh katak? huhu. dah besar sikit badan dia ,dulu mcm papaaaaan ;P heh! then walkwalked w my tikah ,bought yayah's birthday present cause she's turning 16 tomorrow! :D heh!

after which ,met my guyfriends at vista 8. talked things out w zai and thank god ,we're okay now.
Zai; whatever it is ,im sorry and i want our friendship to last long ,you've been a v good and caring friend :D Haziq; thanks for teaching me chem and you actually understand how difficult it is for me to forget about my past (: and Imraan; th guyfriend who never failed to put a smile on my face :D thanks ♥dear friends! and th problems im having now is partly my fault but nah ,i won't make th first move cause im a girl. you can call me ego but as a girl ,i got dignity &also ,i won't give in to guys who are egoistic (: i miss him ,tho. ya ,i'm done w today's post.


Sunday, February 22, 2009 ♥

went out w ♥dearests ; cousin ezzan ,aunt azmah and parents♥ was out to bedok banquet and oh ,i ate alot. i gained 2kgs you know. ayayai ~ i just cannot stop eating lah and i just realised that i tend to eat alot whenever im feeling down ): whatever it is ,i still had a great day w them. and i missed cousin ezzan ,like totally tau. dapat jumpa ,yay!


Saturday, February 21, 2009 ♥

Selamat 15 bulan yang tidak kesampaian ,Kekasihlama (:
it was nice chatting w you today ,ehem! :P katakbotakkkkkkk ~

Biarkan waktu teruslah berputar Mencintai kamu penuh rasa sabar
Meski sakit hati ini kau tinggalkan Ku ikhlas ‘tuk bertahan

Cintaku padamu begitu besar Namun
kau tak pernah bisa merasakan
Meski sakit hati ini kau tinggalkan
Ku ikhlas ‘tuk bertahan

Meninggalkanku tanpa perasaan Hingga ku jatuhkan airmata
Kekecewaan ku sungguh tak berarah Biarkan ku harus bertahan

Jangan pernah kau coba untuk berubah Tak relakan yang indah hilanglah sudah
Jangan pernah kau coba untuk berubah Tak relakan yang indah hilanglah sudah

Jangan pernah kau coba untuk berubah Ku relakan yang indah dalam hatinya


Saturday, February 21, 2009 ♥

hi. i am kaseh and i love my ♥Zyzy baby (: ok bye.

i woke up early in th morning. went ecp to help tikah &yayah to tidy up th place.
today's pit was canceled due to some reasons. while tikah ,yayah and yayah's friends were mandi-ing ,i went to have breakfast at Macd ,alone (: so ,did i cuci mata? nooo ,sudah lazy ,tak kuasa anymore ,hahha.

katakbotak has no silat training today so he thought of meeting me. so i replied him that i'm free and i'l meet him after i meet my friends at ECP to pass things to them but he misunderstood me and thought that someone was going to accompany me to ecp to pass my friend's things. haiyaaaa ,ini katak eh selalu salah mengerti ,if not kan sudah meet. lagi pula ,ini hari tarikh 21st. haha. but after i explained him that i'm actually free on that day ,he's not free lah pula ,katanya sudah janji sama bbff dia. waaduh ~ cepat cari pengganti ,haha! takmengapa loh (: lain hari aja kita bertemu ,huhu.

reached home. did nothing. texted kekasih gelapku ,haha! sedang menge-textnya ,tibatiba prepaidnya low laah pula. dia menalefon kaseh ketika kaseh dalam perjalanan untuk bertemu sama zyzy untuk kembalikan bag. haha. jalan kaki oi untuk berjumpa zyzy ,boleh tahan jauh lah ,jumpa zyzy di busstop rumah luqmanhakeem. rumah luqmanhakeem pula berhadapan dengan rumah nuruljannah. info takperlu eh? tawu lah ,kan cuma beritahu sahaja (:

then ,last minute planning untuk keluar sama zyzy. akhirnya ,ada juga orang nak keluar dengan i. rasa amat gembira lah sangat. hahha. reached home ,touch up sikit make up and off from home and met zyzy at bedok inter (:

went Marina barrage but its kinda bored there cause it was raining so there's nothing much we can do. so yeah ,nak camwhore pun tidak boleh ,aduii ~ then headed off to Esp library and yes ,studied math w zyzy (: plus ,zyzy managed to finish up her dnt work. and also ,thanks to that guy for pinjamkan zyzy his pencil. i forget how he looks like but zyzy thinks he's cute ,so yeah (: hahah.

zyzy and myself bumped into quite a number of people around there. and omg ,i swear i have a really poor eyesight. group of people at esp shouted out my name but idk who ): after esp library ,we made our way to marina sq to makan. lapar lah pulaa kan. so ,we had kfc (: then walkedwalked and mrt-ed back to bedok. berduduk dan bersembang di skatepark sekejap dan gossip tentang budakbudak skaters di situ ,huhu. they told us their names when we actually didnt ask -.-' huakhuak ,tapi takmengapa ,maknanya mereka peramah (: peramah ke menggatal? huhu! they asked for our name and number. and again! i have no other choice but to lie. buat dosa sahaja eh kaseh. i told them that im att so i cant give them my number but zyzy gave that guy her number. zy friendly ,kaseh tak. huhu ,mengaku seh kaseh. ,kan mmg semua cakap kaseh sombong ,tk mengapa pun -.-' chicken crispy noodle betul! haha. bukan sombong lah ,kalau kaseh bagi number pun tak ada gunanya ,kaseh punya orang selalu pemalas nak reply msg ,hehheh ~

izyan syahida ,thanks for th great day sayang. it was nice going out w you and i just love talking to you. thanks ,you've been a very great friend. kau ku sayang selalu ku rindu. i sounded so wrong? eh noo. HAHA.

and yeah ,below are th pictures i took w zyzy. ok ,im done w today's post.
thanks for reading ,dear readers!


Friday, February 20, 2009 ♥

tengok ,muka seribu pertanyaan eyy ,kan? huakhuak -.-'
Stresssss ,hah!

ECP outing ; yayah's and tikah's birthday pit.

great day ,i should say but swear ,i'm feeling so fatigue right now.
sumpah penat and im sure ,tikah &yayah is feeling th same way too.
mana tak nya ,kita yang pasang tent ,kita yg angkat ayam yg 10kg tuh.
kita yang tuh ,kita yang ni. huakhuakhuak ~

firstly in th morning ,i went to sengkang and meet tikah at her place cause
she can't be th only one carrying those chickens ,tents ,hotdogs ,nuggets and all by herself.
berat lah tau. waaduh ~ so i was a sweetheart and fetched her from sengkang.
sweet kan? heheh.

then bus-ed to yayah's place and took cab to ecp. yes ,only th three of us ,hah.
so we did th things we have to do while waiting for th others to come.
kaseh dh pandai pasang tent daa tau (:

as time goes by ,pretty girls and handsome boys came.
and we had fun despite those unwanted things happened to me justnow.

to whom it may concerned ;
im not playing w guys' heart. and its easy for you to talk cause you're not me. i thought youre a good guyfriend ,but you're not. hypocrite(!) ,you are. thanks for everything. and dont talk about me of not going to school cause it has nothing to do w you or w this issue. plus ,don't talk when you dont know what's exactly is happening between me and him. takecare ,see you in class.

and yes ,im done w today's post. let those pictures below do th talkings. heh!